Occupy Miami Sketchbook by Sarah Glidden

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In town for a Miami Book Fair tour date, cartoonist Sarah Glidden visited the Occupy Miami encampment at Government Center downtown earlier in November to get a feel for the wide-spread movement’s Magic City iteration. The result of her observations and several interviews is the Occupy Miami sketchbook, the latest chapter in an ongoing series of “picto-essays” on cartoonmovement.com.

Glidden’s sketchbook begins at a cafe on Biscayne Boulevard, where a group of suspicious cops help her decide between a medianoche and a classic Cuban sandwich. It goes on to record her experience at the camp itself (aka “Peace City”), which began its occupation in mid-October, her conversations with various protesters, and her observations of Occupy Miami’s “Day Of Action” march through the Financial District on Nov. 17. Written from the perspective of a sympathetic outsider (“This is not really what I was expecting when I came to Miami”) and stocked with illustrations on every page, the Occupy Miami sketchbook offers a fresh look at perhaps the nation’s most overlooked Occupy Wall Street-inspired protest. To view the sketchbook in full, click on the image below. To learn more about Glidden and her latest book, How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less, visit smallnoises.com.

Occupy Miami Sketchbook by Sarah Glidden

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2 Comments on “Occupy Miami Sketchbook by Sarah Glidden”

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    I love illustrated coverage of live events. Another example: Brian Butler’s live concert sketches (for example).

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