Basel Hopscotch: Seven to Scope to Pulse

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Tuesday night set off Art Basel fever when several satellite art fairs hosted their first viewings. Hopscotching from fair to fair, absorbing the avalanche of art, shuffling through the clinking crowds, we came away with the following photo collage.

Oleg Dou's "Puppy"


Located in the Ice Palace on the border of Wynwood and downtown, Pulse features 90 international contemporary exhibitors, including several Miami galleries.

"Puppy" by Oleg Dou
According to Moscow-based photographer Oleg Dou’s website, this photo, titled “Puppy”, derives from a “peculiar” 19th Century tradition of “doing photo shoots with dead children.”

Mac Premo
Mac Premo takes on many titles — collagist, animator, commercial director, and carpenter — and foremost among them is junk collector. In fact, his collection of bric-a-brac had grown to the point where he had to figure out how to get rid of a lot of it. That imperative resulted in The Dumpster Project, an exhibition of the miscellaneous objects he has collected through the years — a roto-typewriter, strangers’ driver licenses, outdated cellphones, faded football cards, Zippo lighters — housed in a cramped dumpster. The mobile exhibition is currently on display on the Ice Palace grounds.

Pulse Pic
Spotted at Pulse.

Impulse Pic
This installation is in the Impulse section of the Pulse Ice Palace. All of the galleries showing in Impulse, including Miami’s Dorsch Gallery and Dimensions Variable, are featuring the work of a single artist.


In its eleventh year (one more than Art Basel itself), Scope is located in an 80,000-square-foot pavilion in Midtown, across the road from Art Miami and adjacent to Red Dot. One of the more exclusive satellite fairs, Scope features 80 international exhibitors.

Man and child
Spotted at Scope.

Purity Test
This machine will determine your “purity score” after asking you a few questions “of a highly personal nature”, such as: “Do you drive an SUV or a Prius?” The cheeky piece, called “The New American Spiritual Tent”, is in the Hamiltonian Gallery booth at Scope.

Spotted at Scope.

This piece is part of Chinese sculptor Chen Wenling’s childhood series. Wenling is showing in the Contemporary by Angelina Li booth at Scope.

Moving A Tree
Avery Lawrence’s piece, “Moving A Tree”, finds the artist himself walking on a treadmill with a log strapped to his back. The Heiner Contemporary booth at Scope also features paintings of Lawrence trying to move a tree and a framed saw.


Seven is one of the smaller satellite fairs, with, as its name implies, seven New York and London galleries banding together to put on the show. In its second year, Seven moved from last year’s Wynwood location to a warehouse just outside of the Midtown shops, within walking distance from Scope, Art Miami, and Red Dot.

"Becoming" by Yishay Garbasz
Yishay Garbasz’s “Becoming” is a series of weekly self-portrait photographs that chronicle the artist’s “gender clarification” (sex change) from man to woman over the course of a year. (Warning: There is one week in particular where things get drastic.) No shrinking violet, Garbasz is also showing her testicles, amputated and preserved (sorta) in formaldehyde, in the fair. It’s rough stuff, especially when there are hot dogs grilling out back, as there were Tuesday night.

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