Art Walk Guide: Burning Hand and Flying Shoe

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In the wake of Art Basel Miami Beach, it seems that most of the galleries in Wynwood and Design District are taking December’s Second Saturday Art Walk easy. World Class Boxing, David Castillo, Locust Projects, Fredric Snitzer, Bernice Steinbaum, Diana Lowenstein, and Praxis will all be showing the same exhibitions they had on display in November, so revisit last month’s Art Walk Guide for a refresher. As for this month, there are a few new shows, starting with …

Modern Trance and Full Salute @ Dorsch Gallery

With video and sculpture by New York-based artist Martin Murphy, Modern Trance traffics in striking visuals, including a Coke bottle seemingly coated in blue antifreeze with a man’s head drowning inside and the image below, titled “Horror Painting”.

"Horror Painting" by Martin Murphy

Full Salute, a solo exhibition by FIU painting professor Mette Tommerup, features paintings of ostensibly benign inanimate objects — vegetables, garden gnomes — that have sexually and and racially charged associations in contemporary culture. The works challenge the detached aura of traditional still-life paintings and challenge the viewer with a seemingly simple question: “Object, or subject?”

"Still Life Turnips" by Mette Tommerup

For more information on both exhibitions, visit the Dorsch Gallery website.

Dream Catcher II @ Black Square Gallery

Featuring seven artists from around the world, Dream Catcher II doesn’t have much focus, according to the gallery’s own description, other than a loose association with dreams. Participating artists include Anibal Vallejo, from Colombia, and Emilio Garcia, from Spain, whose signature is a hybrid brain-frog creature called a Jumping Brain. To learn (not much) more about the exhibition, visit BSG’s Facebook page.

Clifford Owens: Photographs with an Audience @ Gallery Diet

With an ongoing show at MoMA PS1 and fresh off a strong showing at Art Basel Miami Beach and NADA, Clifford Owens is hot stuff right now. Photographs with an Audience, his first solo exhibition in Miami, exhibits new work created during two live performances at Diet in early October. “Owens does not document his performances,” Diet asserts. “He creates discreet art objects. He is not interested in being pigeon holed as a performance artist, nor a photographer.” Call him what you will, but don’t miss your chance to see him duck a flying shoe in the name of constructive criticism before the exhibition closes on Dec. 22. To learn more about the show, visit the Gallery Diet website.

"Critique of the Artist" by Clifford Owens

Retna Mural @ Wynwood Lofts

Invited by Primary Flight, the street-centric contemporary-art project responsible for much of the (sanctioned) graffiti around Wynwood, L.A.-based artist Retna recently painted a giant mural on the eastern facade of the Wynwood Lofts, which stand just west of N.W. Second Avenue on 23rd Street. The project coincided with Art Basel and Primary Flight’s exhibition, Here Lies Georges Wildenstein, which grabbed headlines for artist Miru Kim’s performance piece, “The Pig Therefore I Am”, in which she lay naked in the mud with two pigs she rescued from a Hialeah slaughterhouse. While Kim is no longer on display in Primary Flight’s Design District space, Here Lies Georges Wildenstein, a group show of 15 artists, will be open to the public on Saturday night. To learn more about the exhibition, visit Primary Flight’s website.

Retna Wynwood Lofts Mural  -- photo by Peter Vahan

Isolations @ Lunch Box Gallery

Featuring photographers Lilly McElroy, Dana Meilijson, Rodolfo Vanmarcke, and Missy Nuzzo, Isolations is an exploration of solitude in an increasingly socialized age and a professed “call for observation”. Here’s an excerpt from the press release: “Through the conceptual photographs of these four artists, themes emerge that can go from the exploration of alienation and passivity in our existing societies by experimenting with public reaction, to the examination of depersonalization as a consequence of the mass consumption … ” To learn more about the exhibition, visit the LBG website.

"Duck I" by Rodolfo Vanmarcke

American Exuberance @ Rubell Family Collection

Featuring 190 works by 64 artists, American Exuberance is a mega-exhibition of the Rubells’ private collection that occupies all 28 galleries in their 45,000-square-foot museum/home in Wynwood. All of the artists in the show are/were either U.S. citizens or residents whose work, according to the exhibition’s mission statement, can help us “understand the America we live in today.” To learn more about American Exuberance, which opened on Nov. 30 in time for Art Basel, check out our preview from last week and visit the RFC website.

from American Exhuberance

Before They Were Famous @ Kiwi Arts Group

Across the street from the Rubell house, the Kiwi Arts Group is showing its exhibition of William John Kennedy photographs featuring Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana in the early 1960s, “at the seminal point of their careers and the birth of the Pop Art Movement.” The exhibition, which was at Scope Art Fair last week, includes Kennedy’s photos of other art “notables” such as Jasper Johns, James Rosenquist, Claes Oldenburg, Mario Amaya, Dorothy Miller, Henry Geldzahler, and Eleanor Ward. To learn more about Before They Were Famous, visit the Kiwi Arts Group website.

Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana


These are the only new(ish) shows we managed to scrounge up in this post-Basel malaise. If you know of any others — excluding the ongoing shows we already covered in last month’s Art Walk Guide — feel free to let us know with a comment.

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