Jacuzzi Boys Daytrotter Session

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Jacuzzi Boys Daytrotter Portrait

The Jacuzzi Boys by Daytrotter illustrator Johnnie Cluney.

It seems that the Dudes of Daytrotter, that sonically-no-frills, visually variegated bastion of indie music, have taken notice of the burgeoning South Florida music scene. Last February they welcomed West Palm Beach duo the Dewars and, separately, Coral Springs-based dance inciter Millionyoung into the studio, and now the Jacuzzi Boys have sat for their very own polychromatic portrait. Joining an illustrious roster that includes everyone from Bela Fleck and Bonnie Prince Billy to Okkervil River and Sunset Rubdown, the Jacuzzi Boys — the trio of Gabriel Alcala, Danny Gonzales, and Diego Monasterios — now have the boon of the Daytrotter bump as they get ready to embark on a nine-date tour through the American South at the end of the month followed by 26 dates throughout Western Europe and the UK. Here’s an excerpt from Daytrotter founder Sean Moeller’s companion write-up:

While scratching out songs that you might expect to find dumpster diving, or at the end of a dark alley, these scruffy and grungy tunes feature the laments of a trio of young men pining and pining for those pretty skater and surfer girls to take a shine to them. It’s hard to miss the sentiments of cinematic love – the rain coming down on heads, flowers in the hair, blinding smiles and feeling like lightning just struck. They dirty it up, but it’s there, these classic dreams of having that one girl suddenly know that you exist and, in another flash, think to herself, “Oh, he’s kinda interesting. I wonder what he’s all about.”

To listen to and/or download the Jacuzzi Boys’ session, which comprises an intro and the songs “Glazin'”, “Automatic Jail”, and “Crush” off of Glazin’, their 2011 LP, head over to daytrotter.com. The session was recorded at Big Orange Studios in Austin, TX.

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