Protest against Syrian President scheduled for Sunday

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A demonstration in Montreal in solidarity with the people of Syria. -- photo by M A via Wikimedia Commons

A group of Syrian-Americans and their supporters are holding a protest Sunday against the Syrian government’s bloody crackdown of the opposition to President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

The protest will occur from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Torch of Friendship in Bayfront Park in downtown Miami.

Dr. Doured Daghistani, of the Syrian American Council of South Florida, is one of the event’s organizers. In a message called “A Small Country Looking Down A Deep Hole”, Daghistani explains his position and invites other South Floridians to join him in protest on Sunday.

Leaders from all over the world agree with President Obama’s words that the days of Bashar al-Assad’s reign are numbered. Unfortunately no one knows how much longer he will remain in power.

The international community has been crystal  clear in denouncing the Assad regime, simultaneously voicing their sympathies  and moral support of the Syrian people that demand Freedom and Democracy.

However, the voice of support has yet to materialize in the form of change on the ground for the Syrian people. People are being killed everyday, according to  Ban Ki-moon of the United Nations more than 5,400 Syrians have been killed, thousands are missing, there are 25,000 refugees in other countries and over  70,000 people that  have been internally displaced.

As a Syrian I appreciate the moral support from the international community, I know the people in Syria appreciate it as well, but when will the international community say, “Enough is Enough” and take real action on the ground? When will the United Nations and the Obama administration change the “vocal” opposition to Assad’s brutal crackdown and relentlessness murdering of innocent Syrians and take action?

The humanitarian crisis in Syria is quickly rising to the level of Kosovo and Rwanda. The International community said in response to these tragedies, “Never Again”, well it’s happening “Again”.

So many Syrians are crying for help, they are pleading with the world, “Help Us”. When will we answer their plea for help? Does anyone care?

We invite those who care to join us in voicing solidarity this Sunday at Torch of Friendship.

For full details on the protest, visit the event page page.

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