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Saturday night was Art Walk in Wynwood and the Design District. As regular Beached Miami readers know, we usually shoot a photo essay of the monthly event. This time around we tried something different, and we’re happy to say it rocked the casbah. The Insta Art Walk Challenge asked participants to share photos from Art Walk via Instagram and/or Twitter in an attempt to capture the raucous gathering through the collective eye and lens of Miami. All told, about 40 people shared more than 260 photos (prize winners announced below gallery). Below you will find 44 #instawalk305 photos, at least one from each of the participants. You can hover over the thumbnails for photo credits and click them to see the photos in full size. To see all 260+ photos from the challenge, visit the Beached Miami Facebook page.

Insta Art Walk Challenge photo grid


Before we get to the prize winners, we are excited to announce a new Beached Miami project: Instapix, a continually updated gallery of photos taken of Miami by Miami photographers — amateurs and pros alike. To view the Instapix gallery and learn how you can participate, visit


With so many great photos and photographers in the mix, selecting the winners was not an easy task. We are immensely grateful to all the Insta Art Walk Challenge particpants, and we wish we had a prize for all of you. That said, here’s who’s taking home the goods.

$20 bar tab from Lester’s

Photo by @v_ml
photo by @v_ml

$20 gift certificate from Panther Coffee

Photo by @madmultiplied
photo by @madmultiplied

$$20 gift certificate from Jimmy’z Kitchen

Photo by @dizuckai
photo by @dizuckai

$20 gift certificate from Ms. Cheezious

Photo by @latati_
photo by @latati

Four free drinks from Wood Tavern

Photo by @bitsofbeauty
photo by @bitsofbeauty

’30 Robert Thiele’ from Dorsch Gallery

Photo by @misaelsoto
photo by @misaelsoto

Two free pizzas from Joey’s

Photo by @verowashere
photo by @verowashere

‘Wynwood Bootleg’ by Gold Dust Lounge

Photo by @buddahfunk_ru
photo by @buddahfunk_ru

Many thanks to our sponsors and Insta Tweeps for their generosity and support. Prize winners, email us at info [at] beachedmiami [dot] com to learn how to claim your spoils.

To all the Insta Art Walk Challenge participants, thank you for helping us pull this experiment off. Until next time, keep your phones charged and your trigger fingers limber.

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3 Comments on “Insta Art Walk Challenge Photos”

  1. 1 Vicki said at 9:56 am on March 12th, 2012:

    hey! i made it online!! and the pic i took of @V_ML won!!! (it’s @Vickimarieee btw)

  2. 2 latati said at 11:59 am on March 12th, 2012:

    OH! nice I won THANKS!! I loved Wynwood Art Walk it was really good!

  3. 3 mike said at 5:40 pm on March 16th, 2012:

    WOW, how unbelievable creative.

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