Indie Film Weekend Roundup with ‘The Cremaster Cycle’

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Compiled by Denise Castillon, the Miami Indie Film Guide provides a preview of the movies playing at Miami’s small film houses.

Title: ‘The Cremaster Cycle’ (USA, video art installation, not rated)

Synopsis: Cosford Cinema is hosting the Miami premiere of avant-garde artist Matthew Barney’s epic masterwork, The Cremaster Cycle, as part of its “Shock Me, Shock Me: A Cinema Transgression” series. Originally exhibited at New York City’s Guggenheim Museum, in 2003, with related sculptures, photographs, and drawings, Barney’s “brutal, brazen, and beautiful” project takes as its conceptual departure point “the male cremaster muscle, the primary function of which is to raise and lower the testes in response to temperature,” according to Wikipedia. The Cycle comprises five films, each a fully realized work. Cosford will present the films in three separate programs.

Where: Cosford Theater
Showtimes: See
Tickets: $9, $7 (student/senior)


Title: ‘Addiction Incorporated’ (USA, documentary, 102 minutes, rated PG)

Synopsis: Addiction Incorporated tells the amazing story of Victor DeNoble, one of the most important and influential whistle blowers of all time. In the 1980s, DeNoble was a research scientist at Philip Morris, where he was tasked with finding a substitute for nicotine that would not cause heart attacks. DeNoble succeeded, but in the process he produced something that had been denied and avoided for years: scientific evidence that nicotine was addictive. After his lab was shuttered and his research pulled from publication and locked in a vault, DeNoble heroically took his findings public by testifying about his research in the infamous 1994 Congressional hearings — the same ones that produced the now-famous video of the seven heads of the major tobacco companies declaring, under oath, that they believed nicotine was not addictive.

Where: O Cinema
Showtimes: Saturday @ 5:30pm; Sunday @ 1pm and 5:30pm
Tickets: $10.50, $9 (student/senior), $7.50 (member)


Title: ‘Square Grouper: The Godfathers of Ganja’ (USA, documentary, 100 minutes, rated R)

Synopsis: Part of O Cinema’s Rakontur: 10 Year Retrospective spotlighting the Florida-centric documentaries made by local filmmakers Alfred Spellman and Billy Corben, Square Grouper is a portrait of South Florida as “a pot smuggler’s paradise” in the ’70s and ’80s. (See a deleted scene from Square Grouper with commentary by Corben.)

Where: O Cinema
Showtimes: Thursday @ 7:30pm
Tickets: $14, $11 (student/senior)


Title: ‘A conversation with Billy Corben and Alfred Spellman’

Synopsis: Hosted by CBS’s Jim DeFede, this conversation is the closing event of the Rakontur retrospective at O Cinema. Friends since high school, Corben and Spellman will discuss their filmmaking partnership, which produced Cocaine Cowboys (2006), The U (2009), and several other popular Florida-centric documentaries.

Where: O Cinema
Showtimes: Friday @ 7:30pm
Tickets: $14, $11 (student/senior)


Title: ‘Footnote’ (Israel, comedy/drama, 103 minutes, rated PG)

Synopsis: Father Eliezer and son Uriel Shkolnik, both eccentric professors, have dedicated their lives to Talmudic Studies. The father is a stubborn purist who fears the establishment and has never been recognized for his work. His son is an up-and-coming star in the field who appears to feed on accolades, endlessly seeking recognition. Then one day, the tables turn. When Eliezer learns that he is to be awarded the Israel Prize, the most valuable honor for scholarship in the country, his vanity and desperate need for validation are exposed. His son, meanwhile, is thrilled to see his father’s achievements finally recognized, but, in a darkly funny twist, is forced to choose between the advancement of his own career and his father’s. Nominated for a 2012 Oscar for Best Foreign Film, Footnote is in Yiddish with English subtitles.

Where: Tower Theater
Showtimes: Friday @ 9:05pm; Saturday @ 6:05pm; Sunday @ 4:45pm
Tickets: $8, $7 (student)


Title: ‘A Separation’ (Iran, drama; 123 minutes, Rated PG-13)

Synopsis: In A Separation, a 2012 Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Film, pride and morality critically complicate the lives of a separated husband and wife, leaving their teenaged daughter caught in the middle. The film is in Farsi with English subtitles.

Where: Miami Beach Cinematheque
Showtimes: Friday @ 7pm; Saturday and Sunday @ 4:40pm and 7pm; Monday and Tuesday @ 7pm
Tickets: $10, $9 (student/senior), $8 (member)

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