America’s worst band is back

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"Rat Bastard" by Teajay Smith Piersall

The bastard himself: Frank Falestra, aka Rat Bastard, founder of Scraping Teeth. -- photo by Teajay Smith Piersall

In 1993, Scraping Teeth earned the title of “Worst Band in America” from Spin Magazine. It wasn’t an insult but a triumph for Frank “Rat Bastard” Falestra, Scraping Teeth’s founder and a Miami icon whose accomplishments include recording Marilyn Manson’s original releases and founding the famous Sync Studios on Biscayne Boulevard.

Rat founded Scraping Teeth in the ’80s as an exploratory outlet for bizarre and varied tunings (a la Lee Ranaldo/Thurston Moore), with a focus on atonal, non-repetitive playing at bowel-shaking volumes. So it’s only natural that Falestra has re-formed Scraping Teeth with a trio of fellow earth-shattering drone explorers. With Holly Hunt duo Beatriz Monteavaro and Gavin Perry on drums and bass, respectively, and Snakehole’s Autumn Casey joining Falestra on guitar and vocals, Scraping Teeth, like Frankenstein’s monster, is alive! The newly formed foursome will kick off a tour, with Holly Hunt opening, at Churchill’s Tuesday night and then go forth to reenforce its status as America’s worst band during 16 stops along the East Coast. To learn more about the show, visit the Facebook event page.

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