Primer for the Beached Miami Sweatstock Stage

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This coming Saturday is both Record Store Day and Sweatstock, and besides being your chance to rub elbows with Iggy Pop, it’s also an opportunity to enjoy 12+ hours of live, mostly local music on three stages. To prep you all for the Beached Miami stage inside Churchill’s, which will run from 5 p.m. until some ungodly hour in the morning, here’s a track and bio from each of the bands in our lineup. The order corresponds to the Sweatstock schedule, with Palette Town opening and Shroud Eater closing down the night. Enjoy.

“Paperthin Ocean” by Palette Town (playing at 5 p.m.)

Bio: “Once upon a time there were four good friends: Chris, Daniella, Fredrik, and Sylvano. These friends each loved music and happened to be musicians themselves. After a couple years of watching other bands play music, it dawned on them … ‘Why don’t we start a band?’ They then wrote a bunch of songs about life, love, and laser guns. Later, they played those songs to people and realized that their music wasn’t so terrible. Life has been pretty rad ever since :0″

“Kazoots” by Kazoots (playing at 6 p.m.)

Bio: “Kazoots is a unique band hitting the Miami music scene with an Afro-Indie Rock style. The lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Inez Barlatier, has been performing in the U.S and abroad for over 10 years as a singer/songwriter, performing with various world beat artists. Her African, Brazilian, Haitian roots rhythms and vocal performance are complimented with indie rock riffs and solos from Jayan ‘Chocolate Cholo’ Bertrand, the talented lead guitarist and vocalist. Cliff Magloire, the bassist and a founding member, feeds the music with a cool reggae vibe. David ‘Toma’ Cruz triples as a drummer, bassist, and guitarist, performing genres from Latin to heavy metal. Kiara Cabrera, a second generation vocalist, sweetens the mix.”

‘Apparatus’ teaser by Haochi Waves (playing at 7 p.m.)

Bio: “Haochi Waves is a Dance Punk trio made up of Didi Aragon, Farina Mackliff, and Juan Oña. After coming from bands like Pretty Please and The Brand (to name a few), these local veterans are putting their spin onto the basic fundamentals of rock and roll. Haochi Waves formed in the Fall of 2011. Since then the band has focused on writing music, developing their sound, recording an EP, and playing local shows. Their debut release, Apparatus, will be released in May of 2012.”

“H.O.A.” by Severe Disappointments (playing at 8 p.m.)

Bio: “Severe Disappointments are a punk rock band based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. All four members have been in lots of other punk/noise/garage/etc bands, too numerous and ponderous to list here. Singer Trish Mahoney, Guitarist Jeff Hodap, Bass Player Slim Biscayne, and Drummer Chuck Loose play a fast-paced, female-fronted compound that includes elements of punk rock, psychedelic rock, heavy metal, post-punk, no wave, and noise rock, mixed haphazardly and allowed to marinate in the Florida sun.”

“Raised By Wolves” by Pool Party (playing at 9 p.m.)

Bio: “Pool Party is a power-pop-punk-new-wave explosion for the 22nd Century. Based out of Miami (their year-round summer home), they make songs that are catchy, ridiculous, and kind of wrong. Their sound is the result of the Ramones and Sweet having some babies and who were lulled them to sleep by the music of Devo. Razorcake magazine said Pool Party’s debut CD is ‘Energetic and amusing party music that appeals to the basest rock and roll instincts, which goes well with the joyfully immature, sexually-loaded lyrics.'”

“Paper Planes” by The Jellyfish Brothers (playing at 10 p.m.)

Bio: “The Jellyfish Brothers were formed by brothers Eduardo and Gregorio Alvarez in the summer of 2011. We wanted to combine our love of movie soundtracks, horror comic books, as well as surf and doom music. Then after a couple of months of playing as a two-piece, the brothers played a rough demo for our friend and neighbor, Janette Valentine, who also happens to be the bass player for a local band, Shroud Eater. She was really into the music, we decided to jam, we all gelled, and we’ve playing together ever since.”

“Predator 4” by Weird Wives (playing at 11 p.m.)

Bio: “Weird Wives started in 2008, in Lake Worth, Florida. Weird Wives is often Brian Black, Thomas Fekete, Nicholas Klein, and Marcos Marchesani. Weird Wives has recorded 34 songs. For all other information, visit our majorly rad record label at

“Vampire” by Axe And The Oak (playing at midnight)

Bio: “Axe And The Oak is Post Punk Twang. This Miami based trio has been compared to the likes of Echo & the Bunnymen, Bauhaus and The Birthday Party. As though written for a David Lynch/Tarantino film, their songs have a dark, cinematic feel. Sander Willig, singer/songwriter and guitarist, is a modern crooner of sorts and obsessed with blending the tones of rockabilly, surf, and shoe gaze. Myles Kaplan, bass guitarist and co-writer, thrives on linear, driving grooves rooted in punk and post punk. Alex Luna, drummer, plays with a complex, jazz-like feel. He also ventures beyond the drum kit, employing other instruments (such as the bowed saw), which add to the band’s cinematic feel. Recently having opened up for artists such as Swans and Zola Jesus, Axe And The Oak continue to play venues throughout South Florida and have plans to return to the studio in 2012 for their second release. Early releases can be found at Sweat and Radioactive Records.”

“High John the Conqueror” by Shroud Eater (playing at 1:15 a.m.)

Bio: “Unrelenting and ever forceful, Shroud Eater presses forward in typical heavy-handed fashion. Relying on walls of charging fuzz, heavy percussionist gallop, and bowel-rumbling melodic bass lines, the band recalls early Kylesa, High on Fire, and Helmet. The trio have been recognized as wielding a uniquely aggressive stew of tribal sludge and stoner metal and have garnered a reputation for a fiercely hypnotic exercise in volume and power.”


To learn more about Sweatstock 2012, including the lineups for the other two stages, visit the Sweat Records website.

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