Art Walk Guide: ‘Live…Suburbia!’ and The Bat Mobile (!)

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The food truck roundup that usually accompanies Art Walk may be cancelled once again this month, but several Wynwood galleries are still serving up promising new exhibitions. Here’s what’s on our radar.

Live…Suburbia! @ Workshop Collective

Photo from 'Live...Suburbia!'

The show’s own description does a pretty good job: “Live…Suburbia! is a collection of stories and images of the post-1960s subcultures that define America. It’s kids taking their urethane wheels to empty pools; picking British Punk in broad downstrokes and creating Hardcore. Live…Suburbia! is dedicated to denim devils twirling butterfly knives and hasty tags thrown down with Rust-Oleum touch-up paint stolen from your parent’s garage.”

The exhibition will feature live street performances by Vice City Rockers, Talking Dogs, The Cost, and DJ Benton in front of the Workshop Collective, a pop-up space at 171 N.W. 23rd Street. For full details, visit the Facebook event page.

Photo from 'Live...Suburbia!'

Fictional Eyes: The Dreams of Reason @ The Lunch Box Gallery

A collaboration with the Spanish webzine Area Zinc, this exhibition is designed to “convey the idea of photography as an exercise for the imagination,” as opposed to a merely representational discipline. From the press release: “All the pieces in this show reveal fictional situations, scenarios, objects, and even narratives that defy not only the way we see … but as well challenge the limits of photography as an art form.” For more information on the exhibition, visit The Lunch Box Gallery website.

Photo by Kaveh Hosseini

9 @ Robert Fontaine Gallery

The first group show in RFG’s new, bigger space (2349 N.W. Second Avenue), 9 spotlights the work of precisely nine gallery-represented artists. “Coincidentally,” Fontaine tells us in the exhibition description, “the number 9 is symbolic for ‘harmony’, it represents the inspiration and the perfection of an idea.” What idea? Fontaine doesn’t say. To try to figure it out for yourself, visit RFG’s website.

Hobnobbing At The Garden of Earthly Delights @ Black Square Gallery

Colombian artist Anibal Vallejo’s solo show features multimedia works inspired by 15th-century Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch’s “The Garden Of Earthly Delights”, a dizzying panoply of orgiastic humans, mutant birds, and inexplicable orbs. “Using [Bosch’s] own allegories and metaphors,” BSG explains, “Vallejo sarcastically expresses his view of modern society where celebrities, politics, icons of mass-media bombshells proudly play there [sic] roles in our daily ‘theater of the absurd’.” To learn more about the exhibition, visit the BSG website.

From Anibal Vallejo's 'Hobnobbing At The Garden of Earthly Delights'

Poison Bliss @ 101 exhibit

A hold-over from April’s Art Walk that we neglected in last month’s guide, Poison Bliss showcases the skewed vision of San Francisco-based artist Ted Vasin, whose large-scale paintings’ explosive colors, disorienting perspectives, and exquisite lines can make you happy to be looking up a man’s nose at close range. To learn more about the exhibition, visit 101 exhibit’s website.

"Caveman" by Ted Vasin

Façade @ Dorsch Gallery

A solo show featuring sculptures and wall reliefs by Felecia Chizuko Carlisle, Façade is the Florida native’s response to the high-rises that dominate Miami’s skyline and skyscrapers in general. From the exhibition press release: “Skyscrapers are an invasive architecture. They are built with little regard for indigenous styles or local histories. Clusters of modernist skyscrapers, incredibly tall, glass and steel buildings … Twentieth century expressions of alienation often occur with the cold edifices as symbols of impenetrability. If living or working inside one of these buildings, their superficiality can fade, into individual experiences of partitioned space.” In addition to Façade, Dorsch is opening two other solo shows — Elisabeth Condon’s Walk with Me (paintings, works on paper) and Michelle Weinberg’s The Pretend Dimension (works on paper) — in time for Art Walk. To learn more about all three exhibitions, visit the the Dorsch Gallery website.

by Felecia Chizuko Carlisle

Everything Is Going To Be Fine @ Cafeina

Featuring the works of artists Andrew Nigon and Carmen Tiffany, both currently in residence at Miami’s Fountainhead Studios, Everything Is Going To Be Fine “delves into the fragmented material world of discarded possessions, sentimental fabrics, and industrial textiles” through found objects. Nigon’s sculptures explore our “insatiable drive to improve while simultaneously living within bodies that are in constant decay.” Through installation, painting, and video works, Tiffany “deals with the fantastical artifice and promise of children’s media and contaminates it with life’s, often visceral, realities.” To learn more about the exhibition, visit the FB event page.

Sculpture by Andrew Nigon

Bat Mobile @ O Cinema

As part of a weekend dedicated to comic books, O Cinema somehow arranged to have the actual Bat Mobile from Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman (the best film in the modern series) parked in front of the theater all day Saturday. Which might be the coolest arrangement ever made. To learn more about O’s Comic Book Movie Weekend, visit the FB event page.

Bat Mobile

Heads up. Several galleries, including Diet, Dina Mitrani, David Castillo, and Diane Lowenstein, are sticking with their current exhibitions, which we previewed in the April Art Walk Guide.

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