New Waves: “Andar” by Arboles Libres

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After a few months of album-related promises, Miami alt-rock trio Arboles Libres finally released the first song off their upcoming debut LP, Father. The single, “Andar”, is Arboles’s first release since they put out a stellar self-titled debut EP nearly two years ago.

Ignited with a quick flare of feedback, “Andar” bursts into the band’s signature transitional rhythmic rock. Like on the 2010 EP, “Andar” is a folk-rock jam that, while entirely cohesive, jumps tempos and boasts stellar individual contributions. Vocalist Juan “Nacho” Londono’s gentle speak-singing is accentuated and made even cozier by a sneakily low-registering cello-like bass (or actual cello?); guitarist Eddie Moreno fills space with brazen and beautiful solos, utilizing effects carefully and sparingly (he may be the best guitar player in the Miami music scene); and drummer Anthony Genovese drives the rhythm of a light march between classic crashing and banging. The track was produced by Aaron Fishbein, who has worked with everyone from Enrique Iglesias to Beyoncé.

Arboles Libres has not yet announced a release date for Father (maybe Father’s Day?) — they are wrapping up the details for a CD release party in late June. In the meantime, you can listen to more of their music on

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