New Waves: ‘Safe and Happy’ by Ice Cream

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It didn’t take long for Ice Cream to find their way in Brooklyn. Just a few months after moving from Miami, the weirdo pop foursome has just released the telling four-song EP Safe and Happy.

After years of on-the-job experimentation and sometimes painful self-discovery, Ice Cream has hit its songwriting stride. Building on the doom pop that emerged on their 2011 LP Good, this latest release, which features three new songs (“Stillbirth” was originally released late last year with “Invitation to Love”), proves that the band can balance ugly and beauty, the bizarre and the traditional.

Safe and Happy kicks off with the heavenly sounding “Consumption”, whose allusion to maternal sodomy shows that Ice Cream’s maturation has not compromised their absurdly deviant lyricism. “Mcdisneys” is a dark stroll through MGMT-like psychedelic territory with an adrenaline-fueled rhythmic breakdown midway through (transitions are a new element to their repertoire, making this song the band’s longest ever). “Sustainable Happiness” is the stuff of scuzz we’ve come to expect from Ice Cream, but even here, the band has added harmonic flair, surf rock noodling, and a fun batch of haunted house effects.

To download Safe and Happy at the price of your choice, visit Ice Cream’s bandcamp page.

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