Art Walk Guide: From Bears to Beavers

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This coming Saturday galleries in Wynwood and the Design District will open their doors for the first Art Walk of the summer. In the spirit of the season, expect high heat, threat of rain, and a lot of missed putts on a golf green (see Get Lost below). Here are a handful of the new exhibitions on our radar.

Salon de Notre Société @ Primary Projects

"The Sentinel" by Christina Pettersson

"The Sentinel" by Christina Pettersson

Billed as an ode to outsider artists and a nod to the Salon des Refusés, a reaction against the elite art world of 17th and 18th century Paris, Salon de Notre Société features more than 400 works by 46 artists (including “The Sentinel” by Christina Pettersson, pictured above) arranged salon-style, i.e., crowded on the wall, one on top of the other, like magnets on a refrigerator. “This exhibition will focus on affordable pieces,” says the press release — without specifying its definition of “affordable”. To learn more, visit the Primary Projects website.

Get Lost @ Product/81

'Moby Split' by Brian Butler

Miami-based artist Brian Butler’s first solo show, Get Lost is a collection of paintings, photos, and sculpture inspired by Butler’s years “getting lost on the back roads of America” while on a “quest for great miniature golf” (the exhibition features a playable miniature golf hole!). If this all sounds odd, well, Butler is the wonderfully odd mind behind many of the cooler event flyers you see around town (think angry toasters, knife-swallowing marlins, tiger-faced vipers), the Ice Cream People project (think funny faces popping out of ice cream cones), and many a superlative Sketchy Miami portrait (including one that can have no other name than “Tiger Tits” — you’ll see). To learn more about Get Lost, which also features a corner-to-corner wall mural, visit Butler’s online portfolio at the

DCG Open @ David Castillo Gallery

An annual survey of artists from South Florida, this year’s DCG Open features 19 local artists and focuses on various concepts of sculpture. The survey was curated by Brandi Reddick, artists and communication manager for the Miami-Dade County Art in Public Places Program and curator of the Miami-Dade Public Art Collection. “As in years past,” the survey’s press release explains, “there is a wide range of media in the exhibition — from assemblage, ephemera, video, and paintings to more universally understood sculpture.” To learn more about the DCG Open, visit the David Castillo Gallery website.

Leave it to Beavers @ Gallery Diet

"Crude Idol" by Denise Kupferschmidt

A multimedia exhibition featuring the work of 10 female artists (get the title?) curated by artist Gina Beavers (get the title again?), Leave it to Beavers is the first of two exhibitions that the art blog Art Blog Art Blog (couldn’t resist) is presenting at Diet this summer. The show features a video by Christy Gast, works on paper by Denise Kupferschmidt (pictured above), and paintings by several of the participating artists. To learn more, visit Gallery Diet’s website.

Where All The Lines Meet @ LAB

"Expanding" by Amy Vázquez

Born in Cuba, raised in Miami, Amy Vázquez currently lives and works in San Francisco. Where All The Lines Meet, her first solo show in Miami, features abstract works on paper and a collection of paintings. From the exhibition description: “Exploring the balance between excess and simplicity and chaos and serenity, Vazquez presents us with forms that continually push, pull, counteract, and coexist while searching for the point where all the lines meet.” To learn more, visit LAB’s tumblr.

Update: Game 7 @ Wood Tavern

Some of you may be grappling with a dilemma: Art Walk or Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics, which starts at 8:30 p.m. Saturday night. Well, Wood Tavern, located among the galleries on N.W. Second Avenue, will be screening the game on two large projection screens, so you can indeed have your cake and eat it, too. Some may be offended that we’ve included a basketball game on a list of art exhibitions. To them I say, LeBron James’s Game 6 performance belongs in the Louvre.


Black Square Gallery, Robert Fontaine Gallery, Dorsch Gallery and several others are sticking with their exhibitions from last month. To learn about them, check out the May Art Walk Guide.

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  1. 1 Craig said at 6:11 pm on June 9th, 2012:

    It’s time we put the WALK into ArtWALK already and have NW 2nd Ave closed to cars and open to people. The whole spectacle of idling traffic, people crossing between cars, everyone crammed on narrow sidewalks makes the entire event really unenjoyable. It could transform itself if the street was opened to people instead of idle cars belching fumes going nowhere.

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