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Earlier this month, Discosoma Records posted a soothing piece of jangly indie rock, credited to an unknown group named Wake Up. The foursome behind the Pavement-like, melancholia-tinged beach jam “Seek to Deceive” actually features some of the West Palm Beach music scene’s finest: Wake Up frontman Evan Mui, a singer-songwriter who just released a self-titled LP of solo work (see below); guitarist Bobby Yapkowitz (Secret French Kissing Society); bassist Austen Bemis (The Casuals); and drummer Carlo Gonzalez (Copy City Chill Pillars, The Dewars).

According to Mui, the formation of Wake Up was inevitable. “Bobby, Austen, and I have played music together for a long time in various forms,” Mui said. “So this band was bound to happen at some point. It took us a long time to find the right drummer but we lucked out with Carlo, who ended up being the perfect fit.”

Wake Up plans to continue writing, recording, and practicing, Mui says, until they feel comfortable enough to perform live and set up a tour. “Seek to Deceive” is the nascent band’s second song, following the crawling indie ballad “Places”, which the band released in May. Expect a 7-inch release in the coming months. Until then, you can stream both tracks on Wake Up’s bandcamp.

And here’s Mui’s new self-titled solo LP, which features some previously released material, including “Bird”, #13 on the top SoFla Songs of 2010 list. Elliott Smith fans should love it.

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