Sketches from Florida Supercon

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On Friday, comic book/anime/animation/video game/fantasy/sci-fi/pop culture fest Florida Supercon 2012 kicked off its seventh surreal year at the Miami Airport Convention Center with a performance by ska punk band Less Than Jake. What a treat.

Florida Supercon sketch by Brian Butler (1)

A series of off-beat wrestling matches with a roster as random as playing spin the bottle at a zoo stirred the audience into a polarized frenzy of nerds who were frazzled about Marvel and Hasbro universes colliding. Fred Flinstone fought the boss from the ninth level of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!! (That third explanation point is mine.) Neither was victorious after a Cee-Lo Green impostor rushed the ring (as fast as a 400-pound man can rush) to knockout both competitors with a frog-splash. Then Super Mario fought that long-haired creep from House of 1000 Corpses. Mario, a crowd favorite, kindly introduced himself with his signature phrase — “It’za me, Mario!” — and insisted on hugging several audience members in similar Nintendo-centric attire.

Florida Supercon sketch by Brian Butler (2)

Less Than Jake tore down any of the remaining barriers to reality when they covered the Animaniacs theme song, and Link from Zelda stage-dived into the audience. But it took the Sponge Bob Squarepants theme to truly mesh the worlds of fiction and reality, when the world’s largest circle pit of comic, sci-fi, and cartoon characters erupted in the middle of Exhibitor Hall A. Finn from Adventure Time was skanking alongside Sherlock Holmes, who was one beat away from being trampled by a herd of Bronies. The final blow to reality was Less Than Jake’s cover of the iCarly theme song, when a couple from MSPaint Adventures were found making-out on a pile of empty Pocky boxes.

Florida Supercon sketch by Brian Butler (3)

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