Livid Records to end five-year run with Bulletproof Tiger release

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Citing low support and financial stress, SoFla indie music label Livid Records is shutting down after its 20th release.

South Florida’s music community isn’t as small or fragile as many people claim, but it does take a hit when a talented artist or band leaves town for the common destinations of New York City or Los Angeles. The news that Livid Records, one of the region’s most prolific and uncompromising independent labels, plans to close up shop is more than a hit — it’s a wallop.

Helmed by Chuck Livid, the Boca-based label has released 19 records since 2006 and has one final release on the way, a self-titled 7” by Miami band Bulletproof Tiger. That will make 20 releases in total, “far more than any local label that I can recall,” Livid wrote in a sign-off note addressed simply to “Friends”.

Livid goes on: “… the lack of support in local music has been extremely heart-breaking and financially devastating for me personally, I just can’t keep doing it.”

Despite the lament, Livid does not end his farewell on a sour note. He goes on to thank all of the bands he worked with through the years — including Lil Daggers, Pool Party, The Crumbs, The Getback — and his wife for supporting him in doing what he loved.

Livid concludes the note by throwing down the gauntlet: “I’ll end this piece by stealing a line from the last issue of Punk Planet and say, ‘After this, the fight is yours.'”

We at Beached Miami will take the challenge to heart. It’s the least we can do in gratitude for Livid’s generous support over the last two years, which came in many forms: comments, retweets, and even a surpassingly strange cover of Nirvana’s “Drain You”.

Thanks, Chuck. You gave and did a lot.

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