New Waves + Vinyl Giveaway: ‘Eternal Peasant’ by Motèl Mari

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Motél Mari

A collabo between Brooklyn and Johannesburg, Motél Mari will release its debut LP, Eternal Peasant, on Miami label Other Electricities this week.

It wasn’t enough for João Orecchia to collaborate with his friends in the South African experimental indie band BLK JKS. The creative process between Orecchia, a Brooklyn native, and BLK JKS’s guitarist Mpumi Mcata and drummer Tshepang Ramoba was so fluid that they went ahead and formed a permanent band: Motèl Mari.

The newly formed trio’s debut album, Eternal Peasant, which will be released by Miami label Other Electricities on Tuesday, July 17, is a beautifully textured grouping of Orrechia’s skeleton songs, fleshed out by Mcata’s versatile strumming and spacey abstractions and Ramoba’s immaculate driving rhythms. The band members, who first met in Johannesburg in 2004, also collaborated on Orrechia’s 2009 LP, Hands and Feet, which was also released by Other Electricities.

As Motèl Mari, the trio has taken their hefty bag of musical puzzle pieces — Afro beat, R&B, house, synthpop, hip hop, psychedelia, folk, indie rock — and emptied it on the studio floor to create a lush rock sound that features tapes, loops, banjos, accordions, and vuvuzelas (remember them from the 2010 World Cup?). The resulting cohesive hodgepodge, Eternal Peasant, plays like a reflection of the band’s state of mind, a positively peaceful sound of artists lucky enough to have found each other.


Eternal Peasant by Motèl Mari will be available on vinyl at Sweat Records on Tuesday. To enter to win a free copy of the LP, simply shout “I’m an Eternal Peasant!” in the Facebook comment section below with the “Post to Facebook” box checked. We will announce the winner on the Beached Miami Facebook page on Tuesday morning. Until then, here’s the video for Eternal Peasant track “Just Like A King”.

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