Finally! Arboles Libres drops new album, ‘Father’

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Arboles Libres

After two years without a release, Arboles Libres will drop its debut LP at Vagabond Friday night. — photos by Robby Campbell

It’s been a long time coming. Arboles Libres — Juan “Nacho” Londono (vocals, rhythm guitar), Eddie Moreno (lead guitar), Anthony Genovese (drums) — released a self-titled EP two years ago whose relentless energy, band-of-brothers musicianship, and high-flying jamming set the alt-rock trio apart in Miami’s indie music scene.

Though the band did not quickly capitalize on the EP’s buzz with a full-length release, Arboles Libres did not exactly go quiet. Far from it, in fact, as the trio went on to play more gigs around town in an average three-month span than most Miami bands do in a year.

This “keep the music ringing in Miami’s ears” strategy suggests at least two things. One, that Arboles Libres see playing live often as a good career move, whereas other Miami bands seem to fear it will sour their freshness. Two, that Londono, Moreno, and Genovese simply love to play together and doing so in front of a crowd and for a bit of money makes the experience all the better.

Juan “Nacho” Londono
Arboles Libres, blurring the lines between performers and audience

The band’s gig-heavy schedule may have kept Arboles Libres from recording its second release for so long. Happily, the wait is over. After several months of tweets, Facebook updates, and on-stage banter, all teasing a forthcoming debut LP, Arboles Libres will finally drop a new record at downtown-venue Vagabond Friday night.

Totaling 10 tracks, Father retains the Arboles Libres hallmarks of open-ended, guitar-driven jamming, Londono’s gentle, bilingual speak-singing, and Genovese’s “I just want to bang the drum all day” drumming style (the sentiment, not the actual song). Produced by Aaron Fishbein, who has worked with everyone from Enrique Iglesias to Beyoncé, Father is a few degrees poppier than the band’s EP, and, from the sweet sentimentality of “Caroline” to the cinematic twang of “Atras De Ti”, it navigates a terrain more varied in terms of sound and emotion. But overall the album’s defining characteristic is that it rocks. Not in the matter-of-fact, by-definition sense that all rocks bands could be said to rock. Rather I refer specifically to the joyful, for-the-love-of-music, for-the-love-of-jamming, for-the-love-of-each-other way that Arboles Libres rocks.

So, yeah, it’s been a long time coming, but now it is here. And better yet, it’s good.


For full details on the release party and performance, check out the Miami Music Guide listing and

Headline: Arboles Libres
Date: Friday, July 27
Where: Vagabond
Cost: FREE before 11 p.m., $5 before midnight, $10 after midnight
Ages: 18+
Event Page: HERE

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