Art Walk Guide: Urban Narrative, da Vinci’s Horse, Americana

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As the Miami Dolphins prepare for their first regular season game on Sunday, the equally competitive (and lately more successful) squad of Miami gallerists are getting ready for the start of their season. With Art Basel just three short months away, several galleries in Wynwood and Design District are opening promising new shows in time for Art Walk on Saturday. And if you’re the kind of person who likes his art appreciation with a side of fish tacos, you’re in luck: after months of permitting drama, the Art Walk food truck roundup is scheduled to go down. That’ll make some people hungry and others unhappy. Either way, with 24 of the gustatory gas guzzlers turning their wheels toward Wynwood this weekend, it appears to be a fait accompli. With that, here are the shows on our radar.

Urban Narrative featuring Claudio Ethos and Ruben Urbiera @ 101/Exhibit

Street art by Claudio Ethos

Ethos, a São Paolo-based street artist, should feel right at home in the graffiti sanctuary that is Wynwood, especially alongside fellow surrealist sprayer Urbiera, a Dominican Republic native who now calls Miami home. Featuring 20 paintings, Urban Narrative brings the two artists together for an exploration of Pop-Surrealism, also known as Lowbrow. Presented by Juxtapoz Magazine, the Michael Marguilies Artist Agency, and Mixed Media Collective, the show opens with a party at 101/Exhibit on Friday night and will be open to the public during Art Walk on Saturday. To learn more about the exhibition, visit the MMC website.

Here, Place the Lever featuring Adler Guerrier @ David Castillo Gallery

Adler Guerrier

Guerrier’s second solo exhibition with the gallery, Here, Place the Lever “continues the artist’s investigation of urban landscape as performative people’s history in new photographs and drawings,” according to the exhibition description. “Although sourced from Miami-Dade county, Here, Place the Lever is an open invitation to site non-specificity. Like Brian Massumi’s affective fact, Guerrier philosophizes a broader condition to which empirical fact only aspires. Guerrier reminds the viewer that the difference between wilderness and lawn rests only in the tedious construction of privacy, the indeterminacy between natural aerosol and digital storage device resolved by sociopolitical exposure to the delicate concept of cloud … The title is an invitation — an order — a dare. It is a gesture of support and a threat of instability, an adventure and a liability. It is public and private. It is the intimacy of presence and the abstraction of potential.” Guerrier is a Haiti native who now lives in Miami. To learn more about the exhibition, visit the DCG website.

Surface Tension featuring Emmett Moore @ Gallery Diet

Surfact Tension, Emmett Moore

From the exhibition description: “For his first solo exhibition at Gallery Diet, Miami-based [and -born] designer Emmett Moore will be presenting a series of limited edition furniture objects. This body of work continues his investigation into natural and man-made patterns that draw out the differences between reality and illusion, façade, and structure. Moore uses the tenets of furniture fabrication to draw attention to construction methods and the geometric references in the natural patterns of his chosen materials.” To learn more about the exhibition, visit Gallery Diet’s website.

Champion @ Primary Projects

Las Piñatas | A Solo Project from Karen Starosta-Gilinski

From the exhibition description: “In 1482, The Duke of Milan Ludovico il Moro commissioned Leonardo da Vinci to create a horse, a symbol of pride, beauty, and victory. When French forces invaded the city the following year, the only surviving model by the master, himself, was lost. It took another five centuries for the project to be realized. In short, great works take time and dedication to bring to life. It is in this indestructable spirit that Primary Projects … introduces its inaugural 2012-2013 season with Champion, a group exhibition that will, for the first time, feature the gallery’s permanent stable of artists.

“Ranging in subject matter from zombie-like body parts to cereal-box machine guns, from intricate drawings to multi-layered installation projects,” Champion features the work of Andrew Nigon, Christina Pettersson, Edouard Nardon, Autumn Casey, Evan Robarts, Kenton Parker, Asif Farooq, Rebeca Raney, Magnus Sodamin, and Alex Sweet. To learn more about the show, visit the Primary Projects website.

Americana by Farley Aguilar @ Spinello Projects

Americana by Farley Aguilar

With this solo show, Spinello Projects, formerly located in the Design District, opens its new gallery, a two-floor, 3,000-square-foot converted 1940s warehouse in western Wynwood (2930 NW 7th Avenue). Aguilar, a Nicaraguan self-taught painter, presents a collection of ink on mylar paintings that “depict the struggle of the American psyche,” according to the exhibition description. In Aguilar’s own words: “There is a very tense relationship between individuals and the society, community, or subculture they belong to. Even though the paintings are dated by a historical period, they show traces of their past and point to the future.” Back to the exhibition description: “Characters are awkward, grotesque, and disfigured; many times a violent act has just happened or is about to occur. Elements of classical mythology are selectively inserted throughout Aguilar’s work, nodding to stylistic modes of German Expressionism.” To learn more about the exhibition, visit the Spinello Projects website.

Spatial Recognition 3-D by Mark Diamond @ Swampspace

Holokinetic by Mark Diamond

From the exhibition description: “Diamond helped establish the Museum of Holography in New York City in 1975. For three decades he has maintained a laser laboratory for holographic research and more recently developed an indescribable lenticular imaging technique applied to portraiture of notables such as Buckminster Fuller and more importantly the impromptu photo-journalism of street theater personalities. At mid-career Diamond is nudging the envelope of contrived expectation with a stunning sense for the power of kitsch.

“Not to be underestimated, Diamond professes to have assembled a gallery of hundreds of images aptly called the 3-D Wall-o-Gram. Included in his arsenal is an unusual three-dimensional Aerial Atlas of Miami filmed from a helicopter over the last four years. The centerpiece of Diamond’s three-ring circus is entitled “GreenSpace”. Visitors will encounter a chunk of earth and green leaves popping from the floor causing the sensation you are seemingly knee deep in it. Diamond says that the experience is achievable in a dream state where objects intersect and share three-dimensional spaces in a way ‘real’ things cannot.” To learn more about the exhibition, visit the Swampspace website.

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    Hard to believe Basil is only three months away! Went to Viernes Culturales for the first time last week, loved it. Looking forward to Wynwood this weekend.

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