Illustrated recap: The Slackers at Churchill’s

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On Saturday night, Churchill’s hosted legendary ska band The Slackers, who performed along with The Duppies and local ska/punk heros Askultura.

The Slackers -- Illustration by Brian Butler

The Slackers -- Illustration by Brian Butler

A ska show! How refreshing. The room was an eclectic mix of kids in scally caps, and Slackers die-hards who have been following the band throughout their 21-year career (who were also wearing scally caps). Askultura filled the stage with a great performance. There are like 19 members in that band, and it was difficult to distinguish the boundaries of the stage because its members kept multiplying and cascading onto the floor. The touring support, The Duppies, had people moving and reminded me that everyone in ska music has bad posture. By the time The Slackers took the stage, the room was packed wall to wall with the ever-multiplying members of Askultura. Someone noted that their mustached bass player was looking very “Miami” and then reformed his statement to more accurately compare him to the guy from Weekend At Burnie’s. The ska kids were encouraged to vote — “and not for Mitt” — which incited about as much cheering as when the band broke out into an ad-libbed version of Nelly’s “Ride With Me”.

The Slackers -- Illustration by Brian Butler

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