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B&W photograph by Susan Lee Chun

This photograph by Miami-based artist Susan Lee Chun is one of more than 120 artworks up for grabs in Locust Projects’ Smash and Grab fundraiser.

This has been a big year for Locust Projects, a not-for-profit exhibition space “dedicated to providing contemporary visual artists the freedom to experiment with new ideas without the pressures of gallery sales or limitations of conventional exhibition spaces.”

Locust’s dedication to freedom of artistic expression has helped to produce much memorable work over the years, including Ruben Ochoa’s recent solo exhibition, for which the artist literally broke ground, cutting square holes in Locust’s concrete floor and balancing the excised slabs on poles that stemmed from subterranean depths.

That creatively destructive exhibition was Locust’s last before, in March, moving from one Design District location to another, at Miami Avenue and 38th Street. “This is our largest space to date with 5,000 square feet,” says executive director Chana Sheldon. “Double the exhibition space means more opportunity for artists.”

It also means Locust has a lot more space for its Smash and Grab fundraiser on Saturday, October 27. An annual event that started ten years ago in Locust’s original Wynwood home, Smash and Grab gives Locust supporters an opportunity to stuff the non-profit’s coffers and to win one of more than 120 artworks. Raffle entry isn’t cheap — $425 for members, $450 for non-members (admits two people) — but all ticket holders can take comfort in knowing that they will leave with a new piece of art. Here’s how Locust explains the process:

1. Every raffle ticket purchased for the event is guaranteed a piece of artwork.
2. Work can be previewed from October 20-26 at the gallery–make your wish list early!
3. Tickets are drawn at random during the party, with the winner getting their choice of artwork (i.e, first called gets first pick, and so on).
4. Harry’s Pizzeria and Misha’s Cupcakes will be on hand to nourish participants and spectators.

Event participants mingle among the artists, who love to watch the competitive excitement. The result is a fun way to place artwork into collections, connect with Miami’s art community, and support Locust Projects.

For those of us without $400+ to spare, Locust also offers $50 general admission. Alas, general admission attendees won’t leave home with a piece of art (not legally, anyway), but they will get to enjoy the Smash and Grab spectacle and the free refreshments (sponsors include Patron Spirits Company, Societe Perrier, and Grolsch).

This year’s Smash and Grab features several Miami-based artists, including Jillian Mayer, Agustina Woodgate, and Carlos Betancourt, as well as artists from elsewhere, all of whom donated their work to the cause. This, says Sheldon, is “a true testament of the support” Locust has for its programming.


Let’s concede that you’d love to support the fine work that Locust does, but your wallet’s light at the moment. Despair not! We have a pair of Smash and Grab general admission passes to give away to one lucky art lover. To enter to win, simply shout “Smash and Grab!” on the Beached Miami Facebook page with a link to this post. We will announce the winner on Thursday on that very same Facebook page.

Smash and Grab Flyer

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