New Waves: ANR’s Halloween album, ‘Tobe Hooper’

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ANR’s new Halloween album, Tobe Hooper, is “perfect for … nights at home alone carving pumpkins in a Leatherface mask,” according to the band.

Calling it “a free gift to the all the ghouls and gals of the world,” ANR — the Miami-based trio of Michael-John Hancock, Brian Robertson, and Luke Moellman who are also known as Awesome New Republic — released a Halloween album on Friday, just in time to serve as the spook-funk soundtrack to many a costume party this weekend.

Tobe Hooper is the band’s tribute to a man of the same name, the director behind Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” a press release explains. “It goes without saying that ANR are huge horror nerds.”

While a Halloween album may seem a bit gimmicky for a band as ungimmickly great as ANR, it actually fits in the group’s synthy oeuvre, which includes a slasher-film-inspired video for “Big Problem”, a killer track off of ANR’s 2011 LP, Stay Kids.

Clocking in at 15 tracks, Tobe Hooper features an electro cover of “Monster Mash” with local artist Jillian Mayer on vocals and a Halloweeny version of The Ramones’ “Chainsaw”. The hair-raising record gives ANR fans new material to haunt their houses until the band’s proper follow up to Stay Kids, an LP they are currently working on for a 2013 release. To keep up with the band, visit

Update: ANR is going to play a show on Sunday at Midtown-venue Ricochet dressed up as the family from Texas Chainsaw Massacre (event page).

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