Giveaway! Morrissey’s ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘Dracula’ at MB Cinema

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Have you ever wondered how Dracula keeps himself so fresh and clean after thousands of long years in hot pursuit of virgin’s blood? If so, watch the opening credits of Blood For Dracula, an outrageous cult classic by director Paul Morrissey (presented by Andy Warhol with a cameo by Roman Polanski) that is screening at Miami Beach Cinematheque Tuesday night to ring in Halloween.

To enter to win a free pair of tickets to the Blood For Dracula screening and its companion film, Flesh For Frankenstein, which is playing at MBC tonight, simply shout “boo!” on our Facebook page with a link to this post. We will announce the winner via Facebook this afternoon. Update: And the winner is …

Until then, here’s everything you need to know about both screenings.

Title: Flesh For Frankenstein (directed by Paul Morrissey, 1973, 95 minutes)

Showtime: Monday, October 29, 8:30pm
Synopsis: “Not at all your average horror film, or even what you might expect, director Paul Morrissey’s reworking of the classic Mary Shelley novel is a surprise at every turn. At first glance, pure camp comes to mind, with Morrissey’s Doctor Baron Frankenstein (the wonderfully over-the-top Udo Kier) being married to his sister, searching for the recreation of a perfect couple to perpetuate the virtues of ancient Greece. But soon we discover that the director has much more in store for us, with his trademark ability to get to the real personalities of his actors, and his multi-faceted take on the story in which to insert another trademark: the outrageousness and silliness of sex and violence. After the worldwide sensation of his earlier domestic comedies (Flesh, Trash, Heat, and Women in Revolt, among others), Morrissey takes his discovery Joe Dallesandro along to Europe for the ride, of course. After all, Dallesandro did have the “lustful energies” required for the role.”


Title: Blood For Dracula (directed by Paul Morrissey, 1974, 106mins)
Showtime: Tuesday, October 30, 8:30pm
Synopsis: “With the sets and cast already in place to a good extent in Italy, director Paul Morrissey took advantage of the situation by making two films at the same time, one after another, and the result is a set that belongs together, screened one after another.

“This time the search is for the perfect virgin (pronounced “wirgin” by Udo Kier as a Germanic Count Dracula) because it is a virgin’s blood that is required for the vampire to stay “alive”. And Italy, being the ideal home for virgins because of the holiness of the state, is where Dracula finds a family full of them. Only problem is the pesky and sexy handyman (who else but Joe Dallesandro?) who makes that virginity a debatable notion. Mix this into the horror film conventions, along with the casual happening of Morrissey’s signature characterizations (everyone speaks in a different accent and has no problem being themselves within the framework of the story), add some elegant camerawork and refined background and history, and once again you have, not just an average horror film, but a remarkable, twisted, hilarious experience. Prepare to be amused, but so much more! (Under 17 not admitted).”

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