Another Basel Rec: Moving The Still — A GIF Festival

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Twenty-five years after its birth, the Graphic Interchange Format — more commonly known as the GIF (with a hard guh) — has hit its prime, becoming the dizzying, aneurysm-threatening face that has launched a million memes. To celebrate its quarter-century milestone, Tumblr, the GIF-giddy social blogging network, and Paddle8, a virtual auction house, teamed up on Moving The Still, an ode to the surprisingly versatile image format that attracted thousands of whirling, dripping, gyrating, and even beautiful submissions.

GIF from 'Moving The Still'

On Wednesday Friday, with Art Basel Miami Beach and all its attendant hoopla in high gear, Moving The Still will host a curated exhibition of the entries in the heart of Wynwood (318 N.W. 23rd Street). The event will double as a party with DJ sets by Dan Deacon (also featured for his Grand Central gig on Saturday in the ABMB 2012 Music Guide) and Wild Nothing. Admission is free with RSVP to rsvp [at] paddle8 [dot] com.

To learn more about Moving The Still, click on this GIF … if it doesn’t hypnotize you first.

"Create.Destroy" by James Zanoi

To learn more about the GIF itself, watch this GIFtastic video.

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