New Waves: Cheap Miami releases Whorish Boorish, Gun Hoes tape

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With a few rowdy cassettes by “not so local” artists in the archive, the music label Cheap Miami is set to debut its first Miami-made product, a limited-edition tape by local lo-fi whizkid Whorish Boorish (aka Rebecca Lima) and garage rock duo The Gun Hoes (both featured in the Top 50 South Florida Songs of 2012).

Run by Patrick Garcia and Ex-Norwegian’s Michelle Grand, Cheap Miami launched in 2012 and kicked off its catalog with releases by Dusty Mush and The Future Primitives, a couple of no-budget, 4-tracking French garage bands. After releasing a tour EP cassette by Gainesville surf punk outfit Thee Holy Ghosts, Garcia and Grand sought out The Gun Hoes and Whorish Boorish, whose grimy-lovely pop bedroom recordings mark a departure from the rest of the testosterone-heavy pack. The cassette release party is on Saturday night at Kill Your Idol with both bands slated to perform. Until then, here’s an aural hors d’oeuvre to whet your audial appetite.

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