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Nancy Rommelmann

Dark stories over black coffee, anyone?

In support of Transportation, a collection of short stories released on the first day of 2013, author Nancy Rommelmann is visiting Panther Coffee on Tuesday for a talk, reading, and presumably a cup of coffee. Raised in Brooklyn and based in Portland, Rommelmann is a journalist, novelist, and short-story author whose latest work “dives into some strange pockets of the human soul and swims a line right on the blackest edge of fear, desire and despair,” according to the Oregonian. Here’s more from the paper’s review:

I nearly stopped reading Transportation after finishing the first story, “The White Coyote,” not because it’s bad but because it just freaked me out. The eponymous creature was injected at birth with human DNA, and in its youth appears an interesting freak, something brought to the local elementary school for the kids to gape at.

But time is no friend to this animal. In its dotage, the white coyote looks an awful lot like an old human man, but acts like a beast, flaunting its sexual threat and then carrying it out in a way that left me completely creeped out.

It’s exciting to see writers like Rommelmann working on the short story because of the discipline the form commands. Digressions are death, and focus must burn on its aim. Brevity commanded Rommelman to carve away the extraneous, and what is left is shocking and amazing. The words she did not write are the most powerful of all.

If you find creepy compelling, then be at Panther at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday. Until then, here’s a interview with Rommelmann about her novel, The Bad Mother.

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