Art Walk Guide: Street Art Ballerinas and VHS Memories

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As summer heats up, the Miami art world tends to cool down as the rising temperature sends everyone into hibernation. Still, you’ll have plenty to do at this Saturday’s Art Walk in Wynwood and Design District. Here are five of the exhibition openings on our radar.


Anthony Lister: Never Odd Or Even @ Robert Fontaine Gallery


Born in Australia but now based in New York, Lister combines a street art sensibility with more classical painterly flourishes in his works. In fact, according to the artist, this is his way of gate-crashing the fine art world. “I’m disguising myself as a fine artist until the revolution is fully here,” he says in the press for his solo show at Robert Fontaine Gallery. The works on display draw largely from a recent series of paintings of ballerinas, depicting one of the most cloistered, highbrow art forms with the energy and vibrant colors of graffiti.

Robert Fontaine Gallery, 2349 N.W. Second Avenue, 305.397.8530,

Maitejosune Urrechaga: Presque Vu @ Swampspace


The French title of this show, hosted at experimental gallery Swampspace, refers to that frustrating-tantalizing moment when an idea is “on the tip of the tongue” — something you can call to mind, but not quite verbalize. For her solo show, Urrechaga (one half of Pocket of Lollipops) explores this exquisite disconnect through painting, mostly portraiture that depict charmingly sketchy watercolor people mixed up with abstract shapes and washes of color for a sort of cosmic vibe. The opening starts relatively early, running from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m.

Swampspace, 150 N.E. 42nd Street,

20 Shades of Grey and Reclaimed Miami @ Zadok Gallery


Zadok Gallery hosts two simultaneous openings this Saturday, and it’s best to ignore the terrible reference/play on words of that first one listed. The portion titled 20 Shades of Grey has nothing, thankfully, to do with pop-BDSM books. Instead, the “grey” of the title refers to the silver hair of the artists featured within. This show is dedicated to artists over 70 who have lived and worked in Miami since long before Art Basel trendiness. Reclaimed Miami, meanwhile, is all about creative re-use of materials, with artists “upcycling” found objects through techniques like silkscreening, embroidery, crocheting, and more. This is another early opening, running from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Zadok Gallery, 2534 North Miami Avenue, 305.438.3737,

Jillian Mayer: Precipice/Postmodem and Tracey Goodman & Valerie Snobeck: Out Of Place @ Locust Projects


Followers of her work with Borscht Corp. will likely be familiar with Jillian Mayer’s film oeuvre, which often uses absurdist imagery and humor to explore the profound technological changes underway in the Internet Age. See her recent collaboration with Lucas Leyva, #POSTMODEM, which screened at Sundance and earned laughs from an exploration of Ray Kurzweil’s concept of singularity. Mayer revisits ideas from that film, plus other installation works, for her solo show at Locust Projects this Saturday. In the gallery’s project room, Tracey Goodman and Valerie Snobeck present Out Of Place, which is curated by Joanna Kleinberg Romanow, assistant curator of the Drawing Center in New York.

Locust Projects, 3852 North Miami Avenue, 305.576.8570,

Jonathan Rockford: Preserving the Void @ Hardcore Art Contemporary Space

Rockford hails from Minnesota, but now proudly lives and works in the Sailboat Bend section of Fort Lauderdale. There, he’s been working on a body of sculpture and installation work that explores volume and space, formally, and memory and time, conceptually. For this particular show, that means unwound and re-molded VHS tapes as a prominent material. You can hear the artist explain more in his own words in this nifty video trailer he created for the exhibition.

Hardcore Art Contemporary Space, 72 N.W. 25th Street, 305.576.1645,


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