Q&A with Jacuzzi Boys’ Gabriel Alcala

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With a new, self-titled album streaming on Pitchfork and a 32-gig US tour with Wavves and King Tuff lined up, the Jacuzzi Boys are living the “ultimate dream” for a trio that started out packing the scuzzy innards of Churchill’s. To celebrate how far they’ve come, the Jacuzzi Boys will pack the scuzzy innards of Churchill’s this Saturday for a record release show that will also feature Shark Valley Sisters, Rat Bastard, Kenny Millions, and DJ Disco Duck. Ahead of the gig, I traded emails with singer Gabriel Alcala to ask about the new “Domino Moon” video and his biggest hope for the days ahead (see Q&A after the jump).

Where was the “Domino Moon” video shot? Why’d you pick that song for a video off the new album? What does it say about where you guys are with your sound?

GA: “Domino Moon” was shot at our most recent show in Nashville which was a blast! I think it’s one of the more straight forward r’n’r songs on the album. It sorta has a spooky vibe & I dig that.

When a band self-titles an album, it can mean everything or nothing — why did you guys choose Jacuzzi Boys for this new album?

GA: I think it was a mixture of both. This album is definitely the most “us”. I think you can feel our individual personalities in it, at least to me. We had a list of potential album titles but they all seemed forced. Self-titled was the way to go!

Can you elaborate, how is this record the most “us”?

GA: We let a lot of unexpected things happen on this record. We’d be totally joking around with vocals or on an instrument & a lot of times we’d keep those takes… They just sounded more natural, more us.

How did the upcoming tour with Wavves and King Tuff come about? What are the details? Where are you most looking forward to playing?

GA: It just sorta worked out schedule-wise to make this package tour happen. We’ve played with both bands a couple of times before… I think it’s gonna get pretty wild!

Some people call your music “beachy,” some call it “muggy,” most agree there’s a Miami/Florida quality to it. How does your hometown and state influence your music in terms of lyric and sound?

GA: I think there’s definitely a Miami vibe to what we do… That doesn’t necessarily always mean “beachy” or “sunny” though. We have a lot of songs on the darker side of things, especially on this album.

Your music has taken you guys a lot of places over the last few years — what’s your biggest hope for the near future? A dream venue or city? A dream collaboration? It can be anything.

GA: We just wanna keep putting out records & touring … Living off doing something you love to do is the ultimate dream, especially when it’s with your friends (aww). We hope to visit some countries we’ve never been to this year and ripping a collabo with Todd Rundgren would be pretty fresh too.

Is a Rundgren collaboration a real possibility?

GA: Haha nah, we just all really dig him!

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