Art Walk Guide: Vagina painting and apple bongs

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Just as the Art Basel hangover is wearing off, galleries in Wynwood and the Design District are ramping up for Art Wynwood, a fair that will feature more than 50 exhibitors during President’s Day weekend. While certain galleries seem to be holding off their new exhibitions until closer to the fair, which is based in Midtown (for now), there are plenty of new shows opening this week in time for Art Walk on Saturday. Below are all the new exhibitions on our radar.

The Naked Truth: Nudes and Erotica in Art and Big Bang @ PanAmerican ArtProjects

An exploration of nudity, sex, and eroticism in art, The Naked Truth examines the representation of the unclothed female body through different time periods and media. The works include a painting from the 1940s by Wilfredo Lam, “very explicitly erotic drawings” by Carlos Enriquez, and videos by Tracey Snelling that let the viewer spy on her through her own motel windows. In its project room, the gallery will be screening the video “Big Bang” by Spanish artist Cristina Lucas. “In this sui generis video, Lucas … hired a professional to star in her video, literally writing the words ‘Big Bang’ with a brush held in her vagina.” To learn more about the exhibitions, visit PanAmerican ArtProjects.

'Femme' by Wilfredo Lam

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Artist hangs banker, lassoes media with one knot

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Above's Hanging Banker

Above's 'Hanging Banker' has earned the anonymous artist admiration and contempt in equal measure. -- photo by Chris Davidson

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The words, painted in bright colors, stretch 255 feet across a concrete wall on N.W. Sixth Avenue in Wynwood: “Give a Wall St banker enough rope and he will hang himself.” At the south end of the mural, which faces the I-95 expressway, a suit-and-tie-clad effigy holding a money-stuffed briefcase and wearing a canvas bag over its head dangles from telephone wires, suspended for Miami commuters to see with a noose wrapped around its neck.

Since its installation on October 25, the so-called “hanging banker” has been the focus of local, national, and foreign media. The New Times lauded it as one of the best artworks inspired by the Occupy Wall Street protests. Right-wing blogs such as Human Events took it as disturbing proof of the movement’s animosity toward American capitalism. The Daily Mail asked if the dangling mannequin crossed the line. Fox News called it “sick.”

The street artist behind the spectacle, Above, says he’s ecstatic that his piece created such a stir in the media.

“I like it. I love it. I think it’s great,” says Above. “I wasn’t expecting Fox to cover it like that, but I actually really enjoy that.”

Above says the “hanging banker” is his response to Occupy Wall Street, though he does not claim affiliation with the movement. He painted the mural, a twist on “Give a fool enough rope and he will hang himself,” to voice his opinion about the global financial system, which, like many around the country, he views as corrupt.

“It’s pretty gross, to be honest,” he says. “[T]he world’s gotten so out of control.”

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