More Art Basel Instapix

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With three full days of Art Basel Miami Beach left, there are already 500+ photos in the #beachedbasel feed. For those who don’t know, you can win a $499 Dutch bike courtesy of Grolsch and other sweet prizes just for sharing photos from your Art Basel experience via Instagram with the hashtag #beachedbasel. Visit for full details on the contest. First, check out this selection, featuring two celeb spottings, Thurston Moore rocking the Gusman, and this first photo of Metric frontwoman Emily Haines strutting at Scope. O, let’s not forget the Sex Machine.

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Instapix of the Week: Art Basel Edition

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Yes, it’s only Thursday, but Art Basel Miami Beach — the fair itself and the circus that comes with it — is well underway, as you can see in the 300+ photos that have already come through the #beachedbasel Instagram feed. For those who don’t know, you can win a $499 Dutch bike courtesy of Grolsch and other sweet prizes just for sharing photos from your Art Basel experience via Instagram with the hashtag #beachedbasel. Visit for full details on the contest, which runs through Sunday. But first, check out these shots for inspiration.

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Another Basel Rec: Moving The Still — A GIF Festival

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Twenty-five years after its birth, the Graphic Interchange Format — more commonly known as the GIF (with a hard guh) — has hit its prime, becoming the dizzying, aneurysm-threatening face that has launched a million memes. To celebrate its quarter-century milestone, Tumblr, the GIF-giddy social blogging network, and Paddle8, a virtual auction house, teamed up on Moving The Still, an ode to the surprisingly versatile image format that attracted thousands of whirling, dripping, gyrating, and even beautiful submissions.

GIF from 'Moving The Still'

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Only in Miami, Only during Art Basel Photo Roundup

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Ready or not, Art Basel is upon us. To remind you what we’re in for — and to inspire you to take part in the #beachedbasel Instagram Photo Contest — here’s a selection of the only-in-Miami-only-during-ABMB photos we’ve captured over the last two years.

Photo from Art Basel Miami Beach Week (5)

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Art Basel 2012 Music Guide

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Metric at ABMB 2010

Metric is of one of many worthy bands, both big name and local, slated to play during the ABMB madness next week. — photo by Robby Campbell

Don’t let the name fool you: the Art Basel Miami Beach experience is almost as much about music as it is about art. While the big-tent gatherings offer a chance to check out gallery exhibitions imported from every corner of the globe (see our art-centric ABMB guide), there are also more promising concerts and music-related events slated for next week than Miami gets in a typical trimester. With that said, here, in chronological order, is everything on our radar.

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Ten (Out of 10,000) Things To Do During ABMB 2012

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Art Basel Chaos

Art Basel 2012 is around the corner. Are you ready for the madness?

Starting early next week, the annual onslaught of events surrounding Art Basel Miami Beach begins (and with it our #beachedbasel photo contest). Inarguably the high point of the Miami social calendar, we can all admit that at least half the fun comes from observing the human zoo that pours into town from ever corner of the globe. At the center of it all, of course, is the massive ABMB fair itself, housed in the cavernous Miami Beach Convention Center. But even that only represents a slice of the action.

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#BEACHEDBASEL Instagram Photo Contest

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Taking a break

Trying to keep up with past Basels has left us for dead. This year we're asking you to help us capture the experience for a chance to win a prize.

Ready or not, Art Basel is upon us. In past years, we have attempted to be everywhere and capture everything during the extended week of art madness, swelling our cameras’ memory cards to the bursting point and running ourselves ragged in the process. This year we have a different plan, and it involves you.

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Atlanta’s Living Walls: An alternative to Wynwood Walls

By | November 18th, 2012 | 9 Comments
Living Walls

Does Atlanta’s Living Walls project offer an organic alternative to the developer-led transformation of Wynwood? — photo by Camila Álvarez

Camila Álvarez is a Colombian artist and a student at FIU who is working on a thesis about the social construction of place. Her research brought her to Atlanta to learn about a street-art initiative called Living Walls.

I’ve walked countless times along N.W. Second Ave, through the heart of Wynwood as most of Miami knows it, to delight in its colorful walls, its gourmet coffee, and its hipster watering holes. And something always seems off. There’s a synthetic feel that always leads me to look one block east, one block west, and remember that, for all its delights, Wynwood is just another poor Miami neighborhood, and that its rebirth as an Art District didn’t happen, as most Miamians seem to believe, spontaneously.

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With Basel closing in, ‘Rising Tide: A Story of Miami Artists’ premiers

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"Piece Of An Infinite Whole" by Jen Stark

“Piece Of An Infinite Whole” by Jen Stark, one of seven Miami artists featured in the documentary Rising Tide.

Premiering next week, Rising Tide is a documentary by local filmmaker Andrew Hevia, a member of the Borscht Film Festival crew, that focuses on seven Miami artists, including Jen Stark, whose mesmerizing work with colored paper we’ve featured in the past.

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Art Walk Guide: Emigrant Pinball and Pancakes

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This Saturday’s Art Walk in Wynwood and the Design District is the last before Art Basel hysteria begins in full force. As such, many galleries in the district are either leaving up shows that opened in October, or just waiting to roll out the big guns in early December. That said, here are a few exhibition openings on our radar.

Marc LaGrange Diptych

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