Weekend Roundup: Watts, Del, Cha, Cowboy Mouth, Emerge Ride

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With O, Miami, Sweatstock, and the Borscht Film Festival, April had almost too much going on. By comparison, May has seemed slow. That’s about to change as this weekend promises an overdose of goodness, starting with . . .

1. Reggie Watts at the Light Box (Thursday and Friday)

Best known for his hair, Watts is a comedian-musician/musician-comedian that improvises his loop-pedal powered performances to hilarious, limb-loosening effect. Career highlights include opening for Conan O’Brien’s Legally Prohibited tour, opening for LCD Soundsystem at the group’s last few New York shows, and, of course, “Fuck Shit Stack”, a parody of hip-hop tropes that went viral on the strength of lyrics like “I like women/I like the concept of a woman/ I like to take that concept and reduce it to an object/I like to take those objects and put ‘em in my videos” and “Where my gerunds at?”.

Watts has two shows at the Light Box at Goldman Warehouse, the Miami Light Project’s new Wynwood space. Tickets are $15 for GA or $50 for VIP, which sort of takes the sting out of not being very important.

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April events lists, new events page

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Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious -- if it's cool with him, it's cool with us.

It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally got ourselves an events page. See the link up there in the header? You can also find the page at beachedmiami.com/events. Listings are user-generated, meaning we are not going to stock the shelves ourselves. Rather YOU can submit events by filling out a very simple form (there is a big green link to the submission form on the events page). As for moderation, we will approve anything Sid Vicious wouldn’t have found appalling. Since no one likes to be the first guy at the party, we’ve gone ahead and submitted a handful of upcoming events. From here on out, consider mi events page su events page. Comprende?

Besides that, we’ve also got the April top tens . . . two and a half of ‘em. March came in like a lion and galloped away like a mustang. I’d be sad to see it go if April didn’t promise to rock so freaking hard (and if March weren’t taking Ultra/WMC with it — woohoo!). With O, Miami, Sweatstock, the Borscht Film Festival, and a ton of other goodies all due over the next 30 days, this month may actually be the one that kills me. At least I’ll die a happy man. To those of you planning to live to see May, I present the April lists.

1. Top Ten Music Events, including Dr. Dog and Record Store Day

2. Top Ten Bike Events, including the Emerge Miami Street. Art. Cycles ride through Wynwood

3. Top Five Art Events, including the opening of Jillian Mayer’s first solo show

If you have anything to add to any of the lists, please feel free to do so in a comment.

Top Ten Miami Bike Events in April

By | March 31st, 2011 | 3 Comments

1. Biscayne/Everglades Greenway Bike Festival, April 2 and 3

The third annual Biscayne/Everglades Bike Festival returns to Homestead with a 62 mile ride on Sunday, April 3rd.  The event is free and for mountain bikes/fat tires only. (See update in comments.)

2. Rosewood Series, April 3

The 2nd race in Series I, of the Rosewood Series will be held on April 3rd at Brian Piccolo Park. These races are part of the USA Cycling ranking system and require a USAC license and entry fees. If you’re into racing, this event is not to be missed.

3. Florida Velodrome Association Track Racing Series, April 7

The recently formed Florida Velodrome Association is holding weekly track races at the Brian Piccolo Velodrome every Thursday night (weather permitting.) The FVA was formed to develop the sport of track cycling through a racing program for athletes of all capabilities. USAC license and entry fees required.

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Top Ten Music Events in April

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1. Radioboxer (April 1 @ The Stage; $5)

Already recognized by every major SoFla publication, Radioboxer is still somewhat of an unknown local commodity. That won’t last much longer as they deliver their debut album, Magic City Ruse, at The Stage. Aptly self-described as “Bi-polar pop”, the Hialeah quintet have merged the sounds of Weezer, Modest Mouse, and The Cardigans. Learn more HERE.

2. Kool Keith feat. Otto Von Schirach (April 2 @ EVE; $18.15 for 21+, $23.45 for 18 – 21)

A bass freak fest with a dubstep stage and a hotdamn stage, Otto Von Schirach plus Alligator Jesus, and Kool Keith’s absurdist MCing: “Shit on your telephones and change your zip code zones/Reptile alien motherfuckers, gorillas comin’ toward me/I shit on you clones, and defecate twice in your ice cream cones/Let a Mexican tell you”. Let the freak flags fly! Learn more HERE.

3. The Ettes w/ The Heartstrings and Deaf Poets (April 6 @ Churchills; $10)

Though based in Nashville, the garage-rocking Ettes get their swampy sound from lead singer Coco Hames’ Central Florida upbringing. Coco’s sexy voice and creative energy keep The Ettes from falling into garage obscurity. Brand new Miami record label limited|fanfare will release The Ettes’ 7” this summer. Learn more HERE.

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Top Five Art Events in April

By | March 31st, 2011 | 2 Comments

NB: The following list does not include any O, Miami events because, frankly, the festival deserves its own list. Check out omiami.org and our O, Miami coverage to see for yourself.

1. Domingo Castillo and Ragnar Kjartansson @ MoCA (ongoing)

Heading into their first full month, MoCA’s two current shows — At Capacity and Open Process — aren’t all they’re touted to be. But between them, the exhibitions feature two of the most compelling works I’ve seen in a long time. Miami’s own Domingo Castillo presents a site-specific piece that is filled with other artists’ work, a research library and installation that is both obvious and brilliant. Ragnar Kjartansson’s video/performance/installation at the opposite end of the museum is nothing short of breathtaking, a 30-minute video that gave me goosebumps. Learn more HERE.

2. The Wilderness @ Miami Art Museum (ongoing)

I went to the opening of The Wilderness, a group exhibition of film and sculptural exhibitions “exploring the real or imagined boundaries between tamed and untamed nature”, and I plan to see it again. It is a carefully curated journey well worth taking twice. Learn more HERE.

3. LegalArt’s – Private Eye at The Residency (April 7)

LegalArt is eight years old and this, their inaugural event, promises to draw all of Miami’s art world, including artists-in-residence Daniel Arsham, TM Sisters, Agustina Woodgate, Loriel Beltram, Pachi Giustinian, Manny Prieres, Carlos Ascurra (Viking Funeral), Jiae Hwang, Laura Hita, and Alfio Demestre. Learn more HERE.

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March Art Walk Top Ten Exhibitions, Galleries

By | March 8th, 2011 | 3 Comments

Miami's ever-growing number of Art Walkers are in for a lot of good work this Saturday.

I originally planned to put together a Top Five list for this month’s Second Saturday Art Walk, but in the end I came across too many can’t-miss exhibitions — a very good, very rare surprise. With Art Walk’s crowds ballooning as of late, it seems Miami’s galleries are rising to the occasion. This weekend, they will prove that the sometimes-staid medium of photography is alive and well in the Magic City, with at least four must-see photo shows opening up in Wynwood. On top of that, there will be plenty of performance art (some of which provided by yours truly), installations, and good-old-fashioned painting to satisfy both the avant-garde and the traditionalist.

1. (Thanks, But I’m) Just Looking by Peggy Levison Nolan @ Dina Mitrani Gallery

You can recognize one of Peggy Nolan’s photos almost instantly. Her aggrandizement of the everyday is unmistakably her, as she is unmistakably a treasure of the Miami arts community (just ask any former FIU student). Continuing her search for beauty and poetry in life’s ordinariness, (Thanks, But I’m) Just Looking will feature various photographic formats illustrating Nolan’s almost obsessive observation of her daily surroundings. Learn more about the exhibition HERE.

2. You Are Always Here by Catalina Jaramillo @ Dimensions Variable

Catalina Jaramillo has been exploring “the universal notions of transience, loss, grief, oneness, and impermanence” through performance and installation works for years now, and with a renewed vigor in the past year. Her project for Dimensions Variable seems like a culmination of sorts for the artist, combining many aspects of her recent work, including performance as attempt to deal with the death of her mother: “In reviving the memory of her departed mother, the artist will go through a series of rituals that serve as bereavement vehicles in many cultures.” I’m tearing up already. Learn more about the exhibition HERE.

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Top Ten Albums Due Out in March

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1. Lykke Li: Wounded Rhymes (March 1)

One of rock’s most anticipated 2011 follow-ups, Lykke Li teams up once again with Bjorn Yttling (Peter, Bjorn & John) for her sophomore release. Another in a very long line of musical gifts from Sweden, Li’s first album meshed her alluring rasp with bass-heavy production and swirling walls of sound. If “Get Some” is any indication, on Wounded Rhymes Li has swapped demure wisp for brash seduction.

2.Kurt Vile: Smoke Ring For My Halo (March 8)

Philadelphia’s Kurt Vile has been relegated to genrefication hell: Americana rock (Bruce Springsteen comparisons) and lo-fi. His new album, while simple in structure, is cleanly recorded and more thoughtful than rootsy blue-collar rock. Though unaffected by labels, Vile should shed them all.

3. R.E.M.: Collapse Into Now (March 8) ­­

Jacknife Lee returns to fine tune R.E.M.’s 15th album along with a variety of very wonderful guests, including Patti Smith, Eddie Vedder, Lenny Kaye, Joe Gibb (The Hidden Cameras), Scott McGaughy (Baseball Project, Young Fresh Fellow), and Peaches. (I thought David Cross also made a cameo here but that was just Michael Stipe.) Check out the single “Discoverer” off of Collapse Into Now on Youtube.

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Top Seven Arts Events in March

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Misael Soto is a South Florida artist who works at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood and blogs at Art. Music. Film. Whatever.

The Body is Present by Psychic Youth, Inc. @ Arsht Center (March 4 and 5; 7 pm)

Directed and choreographed by Ana Mendez in collaboration with fellow Psychic Youth, Inc. members Federico Nessi and Richard Vergez, The Body is Present is an homage to Cuban-American artist Ana Mendieta. The 20-minute performance focuses on the seminal artist’s untimely death, after falling 34 stories from an NYC apartment building in 1985. As told through a dream, the performance will explore the mysteries of Mendieta’s death, weaving together the euphoria of falling and the theme of violence explored in her work. After their amazing performance at MAM this past summer (also lead by Mendez), will Psychic Youth triumph again? I’ll put my money on it. Learn more HERE.

Second Saturday Art Walk @ Wynwood and Design District (March 12; all evening)

As is the norm this time of year, Miami’s galleries should all have something new to look at and the streets will be filled with crowds and crowd-pleasers alike. And be on the look out for a special participatory performance on the sidewalks of Wynwood by yours truly. See photos from Miami Art Walks past HERE.

Dominic Molon @ the De La Cruz Collection (March 18; 7 p.m.)

The chief curator at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis will give a lecture focusing on the challenges and virtues of promoting cutting-edge art in the heart of the American Midwest. Molon is more than qualified to give a few helpful pointers to South Florida’s art directors and curators. Learn more HERE.

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Top Ten Miami Bike Events in March

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Eddy Stevens-Torrealba runs miamibikereport.com. We threatened to pop his tires if he didn’t include the Miami Bike Hunt on this list.

1. Loose Cannons On The Run, March 3

Kick-off Florida Bicycle Month with Miami’s longest-running monthly bike race. This time the race leaves from Green Street Café in Coconut Grove. There will be a photo shoot prior to the race. So dress to impress.  Aside from the usual prizes, the first female racer gets a bunch of drink tickets and even the DFL (Dead F*cking Last) gets treated to a free drink.

2. Miami Bike Hunt, March 5

Join Beached Miami and Emerge Miami for the inaugural Miami Bike Hunt. Cyclists will fan out throughout Miami Beach in teams (2 – 4 members) wracking up points by completing challenges. At the end of the ride, the teams with the most points will earn prizes. Prizes will be awarded that night at ANR’s CD release party at Eve downtown.

3. Southeast Florida Tour de Cure, March 6

The Tour de Cure is an event held in 43 states around the country organized by the American Diabetes Association. This event raises funds for the work of the ADA in the prevention and treatment of diabetes. A very modest fundraising minimum of $150, the flexibility to ride anywhere between 10 to 100 miles, and knowing that every dollar and every mile helps millions of Americans suffering from this disease makes this a perfect ride to accomplish a physical challenge and a good deed.

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Top Ten Music Events in March

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Before we get started, you may notice two huge omissions below: Ultra and WMC. Each is big enough for its own list. Maybe next year.

1. Bright Eyes w/ Cursive (March 2 @ The Fillmore; $42)

Conor Oberst is the Kobe Bryant of independent music, surviving the teen-prodigy moniker to go on to a 15-year run of folk-rock consistency. Now 31, Oberst is on the heels of his seventh Bright Eyes release, The People’s Key, which according to Oberst could be the group’s final album together. Bright Eyes will be joined by Saddle Creek label mates Cursive, making the $42 ticket more than bearable. Learn more HERE.

2. Endless Summer II (March 3 @ Grand Central; $10 – $12)

This mini-fest features a helping of Miami’s finest (Lil Daggers, Animal Tropical), a few West Palm Beach delicacies (Guy Harvey, The Band In Heaven), and a dash of promising unknowns. Learn more about ESII in our Feb. 21 post about it.

3. ANR Stay Kids! Release Party w/ Little Beard (March 5 @ Eve; $10)

A hodge-podge of Miami’s movers and shakers: funky-ass new music from ANR, food cart reppin’ from the Raaga Cart, visual stimulation from the Morphologic geniuses, handpicked playlists from Nightdrive’s DJ Laura of Miami and a chance to hear the promising new sounds of Little Beard. Win-win-win-win-win situation. Learn more HERE.

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