Good-bye, Arboles Libres. Hello, Eagle Chief!

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Meet Eagle Chief.

Meet Eagle Chief. Look familiar? — photo by Karla Ruiz-Gomez

Miami, say goodbye to Arboles Libres. Don’t worry. Singer Juan “Nacho” Londono, guitarist Eddie Moreno, and drummer Anthony Genovese are not ditching their hometown, though they are making a drastic change.

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Babble from Aaron “Gene Ween” Freeman ahead of Miami show

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-- Photo via glidemagazine.con

Aaron Freeman calls his first solo album “a universal agreement between the soul of Rod McKuen and my own.” — photo via

Aaron Freeman is best known as Gene Ween, the singing half of alternative rock duo Ween. With a stunningly versatile repertoire and oddball lyrical content (see “Flies on My Dick” and “The HIV Song”), Gene and Dean Ween earned a cult following throughout the late ’80s and ’90s, even scoring an improbable hit in 1992 with “Push th’ Little Daisies” off of their major-label debut, Pure Guava.

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New Waves: “I’m Not A Fan Of Your Romance” by New Coke

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gramps jan 2013

“The ‘garage’ scene doesn’t want much change,” says Morales. “Kids feel threatened when you come in through the window instead of the door.” — photo by Nancy Mae Perez

After earning the #7 spot in our Top 50 South Florida Songs of 2011 with a track off of their 7″ debut release, Lake Worth trio New Coke — comprising singer/guitarist Danny Morales, guitarist Gabe Schnirnan, and drummer Steve McKeane — spent last year working on a new record and playing a few shows around Florida. Well, the near silence was worth the wait, as New Coke’s second release proves from its very first strum. Recorded with Torche’s Johnathan Nuñez and mastered by Carl Saff (who has also worked with Unsane and Guided By voices), the three-track 7″ makes its digital premiere (under a working title) here on Beached Miami ahead of a possible hard-copy release via Slovenly Records, whose owner invited New Coke to play in the label’s SXSW showcase on March 14. In the meantime, you can stream all the tracks from New Coke’s bandcamp after the jump.

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New Waves: “Blessings” by ICECREAM

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Ever feel like a demon’s stalking you? Maybe you just need to learn how to fall in love. That’s ICECREAM’s advice on “Blessings”, a listless lullaby of a track off of the doom-pop foursome’s upcoming second album, His Approval. Here’s the “Blessings” video, directed by Xander Robin around Crown Heights, Brooklyn, where ICECREAM moved from Miami last year.

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Valentunes for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day evokes different emotions in different folks depending on how likely one is to get laid, or at least a box of chocolate, on this loaded holiday. To celebrate the agony and the ecstasy, the joy and the pity, the lonesomeness and, ultimately, the love, here’s a playlist of songs that are appropriate (however inappropriate) for the occasion. Curated by Miami Music Guide editor and William “Don Juan” Alton, these Valentunes are all by local bands. Gotta love that.

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Photos: International Noise Conference

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Frank “Rat Bastard” Falestra’s annual celebration of noise took over Churchill’s Pub from Wednesday through Saturday. Acts from as far as Denver and Boston made the trek to join a host of local bands with a frantic 15-minute set time limit. Performance styles ranged from Clang Quartet’s intense Christian noise performance filled with colorful and disturbing prop instruments to Unicorn Hard-on’s dance-inducing “Technoise” beats. Click on the photos here to view them in wide format, and visit the Beached Miami Facebook page to browse many more photos from International Noise Conference 2013.


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Photos, review: The xx with Austra at the Fillmore

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The xx

Touring behind their album Coexist, The xx performed at the Fillmore Miami Beach with Toronto’s Austra opening. — photo by Jessica Hodder

Quick, name a sultry, smoky, R&B-influenced pop act to garner attention in the last five years. Not a very difficult task, is it? In syncopation with the bass music (don’t call it the D-word) craze of recent history, more than a few bands have been taking cues from their club counterparts, producing hazy, atmospheric takes on the pop format that bend genre boundaries without ever losing their song-like qualities. From the smoked-out, beat-driven compositions of contemporaries like James Blake to decidedly more radio-friendly, vocal-centric acts like Grimes, a fusion of songwriter stylings and speaker-melting electronica has been steadily poking through the fringes of popular music.

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New Waves: “New Piano” by Sumsun

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Amid a heavy touring schedule, synth soother Judson Rogers — stage name: Sumsun — has released Avey Oliver, a new EP via Halocyan Records. Available now on iTunes and due out on vinyl in February, the five-track release features “New Piano”, a song with the gentle-sun, receding-tide, drum-circle ambiance that both pegs Rogers as a South Florida native and makes him a coveted party starter wherever his turntables take him. Here’s the new video for “New Piano”, which somehow emits the scent of sea breeze when you listen to it on full volume.

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Beware of Mr. Baker

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Beware of this man.

Don’t get too close.

In the beginning of Beware of Mr. Baker, Ginger Baker smacks Jay Bulger in the face with his walking cane, sending blood streaming down the filmmaker’s nose. It’s a fittingly aggressive start to a film that chronicles a life spent hitting things: hitting joints, pummeling his veins with heroin, hitting the dusty road on an improbable musical excursion through the Sahara, even whacking polo balls from the backside of a galloping horse — and, of course, banging out drum beats that transformed rock and roll.

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New Waves: “Swim” by PLAINS

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After a quiet 2012, PLAINS is revving up for a productive new year, promising a stream of single releases leading up to its second full-length album in early summer. In fact, guitarist Jorge Graupera says the LP is “90% completed”. That’s very good news considering PLAINS’ self-titled debut featured two songs in the top five of our South Florida Songs of 2011 list, including the number-one spot. To whet your appetite for a year of PLAINS production — and, in the shorter term, for the band’s Churchill’s show on Friday, Jan. 25 — here is a video (shot by occasional Beached Miami photographer Jesse Meadows) of the band performing “Swim”, a song from the forthcoming record.

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