New Waves: Sam Friend & The Freckles at Metaphonic Studios

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This intimate video, shot in New York City’s Metaphonic Studios, features Miami-born songwriter Sam Friend and a quintet of musicians — Luke Moellman (drums), Bridget Davis (vocals), Abigail Wilensky (violin), Bryson Barnes (trumpet), Jim Camacho (bass) — he’s calling The Freckles. The song is “Delilah in the Woods”, which you may remember from the private concert Friend gave Beached Miami’s cameras amid horses, pigs, and peacocks down on Jam Farms.

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Ken Nedimyer, coral savior

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Ken Nedimyer, director of the Key Largo-based Coral Restoration Foundation, is a hero, says CNN. Nedimyer is working to stave off the collapse of South Florida’s population of elkhorn and staghorn coral, which have died off in catastrophic numbers over the last three decades due to disease, pollution, and climate change. “If coral reefs died completely, coastal communities would be bankrupt, tourism would be virtually gone, a billion people in the world will be impacted,” Nedimyer says in his CNN Heroes feature video. “I started thinking, how can we fix this problem?” To learn more about Nedimyer, his fight to revive coral reefs, and how you can get involved, watch the video below and read “Florida group rebuilds vital coral reefs”.

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Anti-Deep Dredge activists lead ‘Battle for Biscayne Bay’

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Last week the Florida House of Representatives passed an amended bill that, with Senate approval, would put the Port of Miami Deep Dredge project on the fast track to resumption after a state court put the project on hold for further review. “Environmentalists are furious,” wrote the New Times. “They argue that the amended bill is an attempt to steamroll over their objections and circumvent court hearings set for this summer.”

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A phone call with Demetri Martin

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On Wednesday night, comedian Demetri Martin will join radio hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich on stage at the Fillmore Miami Beach for Radiolab Live, an exploration of “the dawn of sight and the evolution of the eye” with music by Thao Nguyen (enter to win free tickets). Last week, we spoke to Martin by phone about his Greek heritage and his hairstyle vis-à-vis a certain late-night TV host. The conversation was so enthralling that we decided to animate it. Enjoy.

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Kazoots play ‘Kazoots’

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Co-presented by Beached Miami, Rachel Goodrich is set to play her first Miami gig in almost a year at Ricochet Friday night with her band, The Moneybags, and Afro-Indie Rock quintet Kazoots opening. (Live music! Grolsch beer special! RSVP on Facebook!) Made up of lead singer Inez Barlatier, bassist Cliff Magloire, lead guitarist Jayan Bertrand, vocalist Kiara Cabrera, and drummer David Cruz, Kazoots recently welcomed us and our cameras into their North Miami practice space for a performance of their namesake track, “Kazoots”. Enjoy.

Video credits: Francisco Moraga (videographer, editor), Robby Campbell (second camera, live audio)

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Video: Sketchy Holiday Party at Lester’s

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‘Twas the night before the night before the night before Christmas (i.e., Thursday, Dec. 22), and folk from across Miami gathered at Lester’s, in Wynwood, for the Sketchy Holiday Party, an unsilent night of live art, music, food, and drink hosted by Beached Miami and Sketchy Miami. Dressed in his finest holiday sweater, Geoff Campbell was on the scene to grill guests, croon carols, and deal dreidel under the watchful camera of one Francisco Moraga. For more holiday cheer, check out our holiday card to Miami in the video section.

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A chat with comedian Gilbert Gottfried

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Ahead of his performance at the Midtown lounge Ricochet on Monday night, comedian and actor Gilbert Gottfried took a few minutes to chat with Beached Miami’s Robby Campbell. The sonorous voice of the Aflac duck before losing the gig due to a series of controversial Twitter postings about the Japanese tsunami — e.g., “What do Japanese Jews like to eat? Hebrew National Tsunami” — Gottfried shared his reaction to the death of Kim Jong-Il, reminisced about his role as Iago in the Aladdin movies, and griped about the politics that kept Saved By The Bell: Wedding In Las Vegas from winning an Oscar.

We have a few pairs of tickets to give away to Gottfried’s Ricochet performance on Monday night. To enter to win, @mention Beached Miami on Facebook with a link to this post. We will announce the winners on Sunday afternoon. Until then, heeeeeeeere’s Gilbert.

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A Holiday Card to Miami

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Miami may not conjure a wonderland to high-lattitude winter snobs, but it’s all we denizens of the subtropics know. So our Christmas trees rot in 24 hours, our Hanukkah candles melt without being lit, and our hospitals swell with victims of heat exhaustion on New Year’s Eve. The holiday season in Miami is still a special time of year — especially this year with the Sketchy Holiday Party on the calendar. To send our season’s greetings to the city we love, we enlisted the brothers Campbell — also known as Hanukkah Harry’s Little Helpers — to sing an a cappella holiday carol with Joshua “RapaPamPam” Snyder providing the bass notes. Enjoy.

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Bananas at Art Basel Miami Beach

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When Beached Miami ace reporter Robby Campbell heard there was an extravaganza at Miami Beach Convention Center last weekend, he couldn’t believe Exxxotica was already back in town. Needless to say, he rushed over — only to find another vulgar spectacle underway. Here’s his report from Art Basel Miami Beach, featuring an interview with time travelers EVA & ADELE.

For more videos, including special reports, live music performances, and other goodness shot around Miami town, head over to our new video section:

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Beached Basel Bashing at Electric Pickle

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Last Wednesday night rocked, with an all-star roster of Miami talent drawing the masses to the Electric Pickle for the Beached Basel Bash, a night of live music (Nicky Blitz, Little Beard, PLAINS, ANR) and top-notch DJs (Eddie P, Laura of Miami, Millionyoung) co-presented by Beached Miami and 10K Islands. Created by Francisco Moraga, this video is from the lovely outside portion of the night and features Little Beard’s “Restless Days & Nights”.

To see a bunch of photos from the BBB, head over to the Beached Miami Facebook page.

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