New Waves: Sam Friend & The Freckles at Metaphonic Studios

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This intimate video, shot in New York City’s Metaphonic Studios, features Miami-born songwriter Sam Friend and a quintet of musicians — Luke Moellman (drums), Bridget Davis (vocals), Abigail Wilensky (violin), Bryson Barnes (trumpet), Jim Camacho (bass) — he’s calling The Freckles. The song is “Delilah in the Woods”, which you may remember from the private concert Friend gave Beached Miami’s cameras amid horses, pigs, and peacocks down on Jam Farms.

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Kazoots play ‘Kazoots’

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Co-presented by Beached Miami, Rachel Goodrich is set to play her first Miami gig in almost a year at Ricochet Friday night with her band, The Moneybags, and Afro-Indie Rock quintet Kazoots opening. (Live music! Grolsch beer special! RSVP on Facebook!) Made up of lead singer Inez Barlatier, bassist Cliff Magloire, lead guitarist Jayan Bertrand, vocalist Kiara Cabrera, and drummer David Cruz, Kazoots recently welcomed us and our cameras into their North Miami practice space for a performance of their namesake track, “Kazoots”. Enjoy.

Video credits: Francisco Moraga (videographer, editor), Robby Campbell (second camera, live audio)

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Beached Basel Bashing at Electric Pickle

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Last Wednesday night rocked, with an all-star roster of Miami talent drawing the masses to the Electric Pickle for the Beached Basel Bash, a night of live music (Nicky Blitz, Little Beard, PLAINS, ANR) and top-notch DJs (Eddie P, Laura of Miami, Millionyoung) co-presented by Beached Miami and 10K Islands. Created by Francisco Moraga, this video is from the lovely outside portion of the night and features Little Beard’s “Restless Days & Nights”.

To see a bunch of photos from the BBB, head over to the Beached Miami Facebook page.

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Miami Critical Mass Rolling Out

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Instead of photographing Critical Mass on Friday night (as we do almost every month), we decided to shoot video of the mass gearing up for the monthly bike ride at Government Center, its usual downtown starting point. The song in the video is “This Is The Timing” by ANR, which is headlining the Beached Basel Bash on Wednesday alongside Millionyoung, PLAINS, Little Beard, and other fine Miami talent. To learn more about the BBB, visit the FB event page. But first, roll tape.

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Odd job: Sam Friend “Find Fine Light” video

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Your stereotypical Office Spaceish workplace can be strange territory, especially for the cubicle-phobic creative who regards a sedentary life of data entry as pure torture. But in the video for “Find Fine Light”, Miami-born singer-songwriter Sam Friend takes the banality in stride, with a cup o’ Keurig in hand and an amused look on his face. Of course, working alongside a dog-man, an alien with stunning eyes, and a relatively normal gal with great legs would make any job at least tolerable.

Directed by Douglas Klinger, the “Find Fine Light” video is the first from Friend’s upcoming LP, Spirit Mirror, from which we premiered four tracks back in September. Recently back in Miami after a U.S. tour, Friend will be performing in studio at WVUM on Wednesday, at the University of Miami’s Patio Jams on Thursday, and at the Mercury Lounge in New York City on Nov. 22. For more info, check out

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Arboles Libres at Sketchy Halloween Party

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The Sketchy Halloween Party at Awarehouse last Saturday was a mash-up of live art, live music, booze, and dry blood. To get a feel for the scene, check out this video by Beached Miami videographer Francisco Moraga with footage of Arboles Libres rocking the Casbah and several of the night’s featured artists working the canvas.

We also have a ton of great photos from the party, including one of Miami’s daintiest fairy and its prettiest piggy.

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Sam Friend: Down on Jam Farms

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On the verge of a 15-date tour from Cleveland to Cali and back through Austin, TX, Miami-born singer-songwriter Sam Friend invited us out to Jam Farms, in Kendall, to listen to some new music and play with the pigs. Many thanks to the farm’s owner, who welcomed us onto her pretty property; its manager, Martin; Ellie, the horse trainer who kept Boy happy during “Climb Scene”; and, of course, Juan, the little boy who was always on cue with a bright-green avocado when our equine starlets got hungry. In this first video, Sam performs a new song called “Oxygen Generation”.

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Lil Daggers’ “Dada Brown” video, s/t album release

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Miami’s Lil Daggers play a breed of organ-grinding rock that sounds like it was dragged face down through a swamp. The band’s self-titled debut LP, released digitally in April and physically today, is built on pronounced tempo changes, emphatic thumps and thuds, muddy riffs, ‘60s pop, and searing organ chops, lending itself to cinematic interpretation. Enter director Michael J. Ruiz-Unger, whose stark video for Lil Daggers’ “Dada Brown” plays out like a grindhouse noir vignette. Unfolding at a slow-drip pace that mirrors the Daggers’ droning, post-mushroom-consumption sound, Ruiz-Unger’s starlit short (co-written with Daggers’ frontman Johnny Saraiva) features a smart ’71 Buick GS, a goateed and shotgun-toting boyfriend (Eddie Garcia), and a brunette resigned to her bullet-riddled fate (Christina Willow). Action!

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Dick Dale ignores doc’s orders at Vagabond

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“My doctor told me to never play guitar or tour again. I told him I’m not gonna die in a wheel chair with a fat belly. I’m gonna die by exploding on stage.” Shortly after saying that at the Vagabond Sunday night, undisputed King of Surf Rock Dick Dale did his 74-year-old best to self-combust via guitar noodling so loud and trebly it would make a banshee plug her ears with other banshees. Not content to shatter his own molecules, Dale, whose music many first encountered in the opening credits of Pulp Fiction, tried his darnedest to detonate the Vagabond and all the people within it. I caught some video of the show. The first clip is an instrumental from a movie that I can’t think of. (It’s killing me. Please help. From Dusk till Dawn?) [Update: See comment section.]

Here Dale scatters some sea salt on Muddy Water’s popular cover, “I Got My Mojo Working”. Check out the septuagenarian’s 17-year-old son on the drums.

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The Spits, TV Ghost at Churchill’s

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Hey man. How’s it going? What? Mao sure dug pits? Huh? Sorry, man, I CAN’T HEAR YOU. I saw THE SPITS last night at Churchill’s and those denim-clad destroyers from Seattle reached into my ears, plucked my cochleae out, and politely set them on fire. Seriously.

HUH? No, dude, totally worth it. They were AWESOME. Haven’t felt energy like that at a small show since the ’90s. The mosh pit was churning, the band played like nine encores, and I couldn’t make out a single word they sang all night. No, really. Even at the end of the set, I wasn’t sure if Sean Wood said, “Thank you, Miami” or “Fuck off. You’re not worth a singular fiber of my stone-washed denim vest.” I think the latter, because IT”S TOTALLY TRUE. Here. Check out this video from the show. The sound SUCKS, but it’ll give you a sense of things.

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