Contribute to Beached Miami

Beached Miami needs you! Miami is a giant cluster of languages, municipalities, clubs, restaurants, bars, art galleries, tanning salons, intellectual think tanks (kidding), and low-stakes Bingo tournaments (not kidding). We do not suffer from the delusion that we can cover everything going on in the city — but we want to do exactly that.

This is where you come in.

We want to showcase Miami’s unique wealth of talent and to leverage our harlot city’s vast creative energy. If you are a writer (of fiction, poetry, essays, blogs, journalism, etc.), photographer, musician, cartoonist, designer, artist, or any card-carrying member of the Creative Class, we would love to publish your work. The guidelines are simple:

  • Submit a pitch for a piece of original work to pitch [at] beachedmiami [dot] com. You can also pitch an idea for a regular segment. We are open to any topic as long as there is a Miami connection, even a tangential one.
  • Include a brief bio.

If published, your submission will run under your name, include your bio, and link to just about anywhere on the World Wide Web you so please. As we do with all of our posts, we will promote your work with an unrivaled shamelessness. The goal is to not only get your work out “there,” but to shine a spotlight on you as well.

Our grand design is for Beached Miami to present as full and vibrant a picture of Miami as possible, and we know we cannot do it alone. It will take many creative people sharing their talents with our readers. We know there are countless of you across the city right now. We can’t wait to see your work.