DecoBike Rental for DWN TWN Art Days Bike Ride

Thanks for joining our DWN TWN Art Days bike ride on Saturday, September 8, from 4-7 p.m. To secure a DecoBike for the ride, click on the PayPal button below — after reading these four very important caveats:

1. This is a non-refundable transaction — unless the ride does not happen, for example, because of heavy rain.
2. If you did not receive an email from Beached Miami confirming that you have a spot on the ride, then you do not have a spot on the ride and should not pay to rent a bike. If you are not sure whether you received a confirmation email, search your inbox for an email with the subject “DWN TWN Art Days Bike Ride Confirmation”.
3. You can pay to rent multiple bikes in one transaction. In that case, each person that you rent a bike for must have received a confirmation email.
4. On the day of the ride, you will have to present a digital copy of your PayPal receipt to get your DecoBike(s). No receipt, no bike.

Without further ado, please click on the “Buy Now” button below to begin your transaction. After you complete your transaction, you will be directed back to this page.

Update: Prepay is closed.

DWN TWN Art Days Bike Ride Flyer