Miami Art Walk

Miami Art Walk: "Feathers"

A photo from Miami Art Walk on Saturday, March 13, 2011. Click on the photo to see more Miami Art Walk photos.

Miami Art Walk takes place on the second saturday of every month when galleries in Wynwood and the Design District open their doors to the public. The event is one of Miami’s most popular, drawing thousands of people to the area every month to people watch, visit galleries, and sample food trucks in the open-air Wynwood Market. While Art Walk covers Miami’s entire gallery district, the most vibrant stretch is on N.W. Second Avenue (roughly) between 21st and 29th streets, a strip of galleries and restaurants that is usually overrun with pedestrians. While Art Walk doesn’t have set hours, it starts to pick up around sunset and lasts until around 11 p.m. (or when the free alcohol runs out).

The Miami gallery district is all but deserted every other day of the month, but Second Saturday brings out droves of visitors. While some galleries accommodate with free alcohol and live music (the Harold Golen Gallery, for example, usually has a band out front), other galleries are less welcoming, or, one might say, less frivolous. In fact, as Miami Art Walk has gotten more popular, some galleries have complained that the event is too raucous.

Nonetheless, Miami Art Walk continues to draw huge crowds every second saturday. Some have attributed its growing popularity in part to Art Basel, which, the theory goes, has generally increased Miami’s interest in the arts during its ten year run at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Others say Second Saturday Art Walk has gotten more popular as it has become less about art appreciation and more about eating, socializing, and people watching. Perhaps bolstering that argument, the Wynwood Market recently opened on N.W. Second Avenue. It features a DJ, a fleet of food trucks, and vendors hawking everything from t-shirts to brownies.

Whatever the cause, the waxing popularity of Miami Art Walk is undeniable and proof that Miami’s gallery district is transforming. Traditionally called “Little San Juan” because of its Puerto Rican population, Wynwood now seems destined for gentrification as Art Walk changes the public’s perception of the area. Ahead of the curve, trendy restaurants (Joey’s, Wynwood Kitchen & Bar) and coffee shops (Panther Coffee, Lester’s) have popped up along N.W. Second Avenue.

How all of these changes play out remains to be seen. For now, Miami Art Walk stands out as one of the rare regular occasions where Miami folk of all kinds get together to eat, drink, and experience art together.

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District Galleries

— Artformz Alternative
— Alberto Linero Gallery
— Bakehouse Art Complex
— Bernice Steinbaum Gallery
— Black Square Gallery
— Butter Gallery
— Calix Gustav Gallery
— CIFO Art Space (Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation)
— David Castillo Gallery
— de la Cruz Collection
— Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts
— Dorsch Gallery
— Edge Zones
— Eleazar Delgado Studio
— Fred Snitzer Gallery
— Gallery Diet
— Harold Golen Gallery
— Ideobox
— Ka. Be Contemporary
— Kavachnina Contemporary
— Locust Projects
— Margulies Collection at the Warehouse
— Now Contemporary Art
— Pan American Art Projects
— Praxis International Art
— Roy Kelley Gallery
— Rubell Family Collection
— Sammer Gallery
— Spinello Gallery
— UM Wynwood Project Space
— World Class Boxing – The Scholl Collection


— Gigi
— Joey’s
— Lester’s
— Lost and Found Saloon
— Wynwood Kitchen & Bar


— Lester’s
— Panther Coffee

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