Nevermind Miami

Nevermind Miami

Illustration by Robby Campbell

On September 24, 1991, Nirvana released Nevermind, an album that made Kurt Cobain a household name, jacked up the wholesale price of flannel, and defined a generation for millions of kids for whom “whatever nevermind” said it all. Twenty years later, Nevermind is recognized both as a timeless masterpiece and an indispensable soundtrack to the angsty early ’90s.

Attesting to the greatness of both album and band is that their distinctly Seattle sound resonated across the world. In the United States, you don’t get much farther from Seattle than Miami, but Hurricane Nevermind didn’t spare the Magic City. In fact, the album spoke to our flip-flopped youth as forcefully as it did to any other pubescent populace with access to MTV.

Nevermind Miami proves that. To commemorate the 20-year anniversary of Nevermind (and celebrate Miami’s burgeoning music scene), we asked local musicians to cover each of the thirteen songs on the original release. We will be posting the covers throughout September, starting with “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, a song so good it required Sony to fortify the rewind button on its Walkman.

The covers will appear as posts on with companion articles (long and short). As they appear on the homepage, we will also embed them here with links to their posts.

Nevermind Miami Posts

1. “Nevermind Miami: Smells Like Teen Spirit” featuring Baby B Strings
2. “Nevermind Miami: Lithium and Polly” featuring PLAINS and Pocket of Lollipops
3. “Nevermind Miami: Territorial Pissings, Something In The Way” featuring Rachel Goodrich and Guy Harvey
4. “Nevermind Miami: Lounge Act, Come As You Are” featuring Animal Tropical and Ice Cream
5. “Nevermind Miami: Breed, Drain You” featuring Eztorbo and Racketeering Vultures
6. “Nevermind Miami: On A Plain and Endless, Nameless” featuring Sam Friend and KDK-12
7. “Nevermind Miami: In Bloom, Stay Away” featuring Lil Daggers and Arboles Libres

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