Sketchy Miami

Sketchy Miami is a Beached Miami project with a simple and impossible mission: to create a portrait of every person in Miami. Officially launched on June 30, 2011, at Sketchy Party #1, the project aims to bridge the gap between Miami artists and other locals through the especially intimate art of portraiture. Here’s how it works:

1) Miami residents submit photographs of themselves through

2) Local artists — i.e., all locals who consider themselves artists — create portraits (aka “Sketchys”) based on the photographs and then submit them through

3) The finished Sketchys appear on the Sketchy Miami homepage with a link to their photographs and to the artist’s personal page.

One month after the project’s official launch, more than 75 artists had submitted more than 200 Sketchys, and Sketchy Miami had garnered write-ups from various media outlets, including the Miami Herald, Miami New Times, Thrillist, Sun-Sentinel, Designboom, and Flavorpill, which called for a New York iteration of the project. Even better, several participating artists had received paid commissions based on their Sketchys.

With such auspicious beginnings, Sketchy Miami is more committed than ever to achieving its simple and impossible goal. To keep track of the project, or to get involved yourself, check out the following links:
Sketchy Miami RSS feed
Sketchy Miami coverage on

Sketchy Miami Collage

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