Back In The Day: JFK Goes Shopping at 163rd St. Mall

By | October 18th, 2010 | 1 Comment
JFK in Miami

JFK flashing that famous Brahman smile on the streets of Miami.

Fifty years ago today, presidential hopeful John F. Kennedy went shopping for votes at the 163rd Street Mall, in North Miami Beach. Judging by the text of his stump speech, it was a pretty routine campaign stop, with JFK portraying the dread Nixon as out of touch with the pulse of the country.

While there are several photos of JFK in Miami (at the Orange Bowl, flashing that tragic smile in the back of a convertible), picturing the Brahman nonpareil in front of 163rd Street Mall conjures an incongruous image. Kennedy’s remarks to Miami voters that day included phrases and cadences that would appear in similar form in his first inaugural speech.

Compare this snippet from his Miami speech —

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