Photos of the Year: Music

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As Old Blue Eyes said, “It was a very good year.” The Top 50 South Florida Songs of 2011 show how vibrant and dynamic the local music scene is right now. With local venues hustling to bring in bigger and better acts that, in the past, left the Magic City off their tours, Miami’s collective ear had plenty to hear in 2011. These photos, all but one taken by Robby Campbell (see captions), document and celebrate the year in Miami music, and anticipate another amped-up annum in 2012.

Black Lips at Grand Central

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Photos of the Year: People

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My favorite subject to photograph, by far, is the human face. As the primary photographer for Beached Miami, I’m constantly aiming my camera at the interesting faces I encounter around the city. The following photos are all from 2011 and, unless otherwise noted, I snapped them. To keep up with my photographic exploits for years to come, you can follow me on Twitter, where I’m given to instamgramming and immaturity in equal measure.

Miami People

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