AIDS Wolf at Churchill’s on Nov. 3

By | August 5th, 2011 | No Comments

AIDS Wolf -- photo by Yannick Grandmont

Look out. On November 3, Montreal quartet AIDS Wolf will bring their surrealistic neo no wave act to Churchill’s. The band is a controversial one, the controversy having less to do with its arguably horrendous name and more to do with the end product.

Self-described as “formalist/unknown wave”, AIDS Wolf most recently released a triple cassette package of long-form improvised tracks (both live and studio) entitled An Insane and Abstract Hell (Dedicated To Two Dudes From Rusted Shut). That dedication alone should tell you the music is not for the faint of heart as Houston’s Rusted Shut has been keeping ENTs in business since the mid-80s. Another hint is AIDS Wolf’s spot on the Skin Graft Records roster alongside Arab on Radar, Gay Beast, Quintron, and dozens of other creative noisemakers.

While AIDS Wolf definitely isn’t for everyone, the four-piece has done a commendable job of crossing over to punk, hardcore, and art house territory. The band’s last LP, March to the Sea, was a Suicide-Liars-Beefheart hybrid that proved they weren’t a bunch of art student wannabes. If you don’t know what a Suicide-Liars-Beefheart hybrid sounds like, hit play (after the jump).

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