Bye-Bye BAR

By | June 22nd, 2011 | 12 Comments

Two dudes take in the photography at the Vice Magazine Full Bleed party at BAR on Oct. 2.

BAR is closing. Not a bar. BAR. You know, the downtown drinking establishment commonly referred to as “Formerly PS14″ with the continually-changing decor, the never-changing grime, the toilet from Trainspotting, and the surprisingly pleasant back patio.

According to the New Times, BAR’s landlords (also the owners of its next door neighbor, the Vagabond) want another tenant at N.E. 14th Street and have asked BAR owner Al Moran to vacate after the July 4 weekend. For his part, Moran says he intends to reopen BAR in another Miami location because “[t]his city needs it.”

Only a fool gets attached to a Miami hangout. Another one either goes under or undergoes a rechristening every week. Nonetheless, I will miss BAR in its absence. It hosted several memorable events we covered over the last nine months and served as the backdrop to some choice photographs. It has also graciously welcomed hundreds of stinking Critical Mass cyclists with cheap beer and barbecue since I’ve been doing the ride.

For these reasons and more, we toast BAR’s 14th Street tenancy and its eventual resurrection with a handful of photographs taken in and around the joint. Cheers. (More photos after the jump.)

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