Good-bye, Arboles Libres. Hello, Eagle Chief!

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Meet Eagle Chief.

Meet Eagle Chief. Look familiar? — photo by Karla Ruiz-Gomez

Miami, say goodbye to Arboles Libres. Don’t worry. Singer Juan “Nacho” Londono, guitarist Eddie Moreno, and drummer Anthony Genovese are not ditching their hometown, though they are making a drastic change.

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Finally! Arboles Libres drops new album, ‘Father’

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Arboles Libres

After two years without a release, Arboles Libres will drop its debut LP at Vagabond Friday night. — photos by Robby Campbell

It’s been a long time coming. Arboles Libres — Juan “Nacho” Londono (vocals, rhythm guitar), Eddie Moreno (lead guitar), Anthony Genovese (drums) — released a self-titled EP two years ago whose relentless energy, band-of-brothers musicianship, and high-flying jamming set the alt-rock trio apart in Miami’s indie music scene.

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New Waves: “Feline Gamma” by Arboles Libres

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Miami alt-rock trio Arboles Libres has released the second single from its forthcoming debut full-length, Father, which still does not have an official release date. The down-tempo, light-hearted “Feline Gamma”, which features Chip Gardner (from local soul act Ketchy Shuby) on piano and producer Aaron Fishbein on bass, is definitely Arboles Libres’s purest pop song to date, though it still manages to let loose behind guitarist Eddie Moreno’s siren-like churning. For more about Father, check out the New Waves post for the album’s first single, “Andar”, and visit the band’s website.

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New Waves: “Andar” by Arboles Libres

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After a few months of album-related promises, Miami alt-rock trio Arboles Libres finally released the first song off their upcoming debut LP, Father. The single, “Andar”, is Arboles’s first release since they put out a stellar self-titled debut EP nearly two years ago.

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Arboles Libres at Sketchy Halloween Party

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The Sketchy Halloween Party at Awarehouse last Saturday was a mash-up of live art, live music, booze, and dry blood. To get a feel for the scene, check out this video by Beached Miami videographer Francisco Moraga with footage of Arboles Libres rocking the Casbah and several of the night’s featured artists working the canvas.

We also have a ton of great photos from the party, including one of Miami’s daintiest fairy and its prettiest piggy.

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Nevermind Miami: In Bloom, Stay Away

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Nevermind Miami featuring Lil Daggers and Arboles Libres by Robby Campbell

You can keep up with Nevermind Miami throughout September on -- Art by Robby Campbell

This is the last installment of Nevermind Miami, a tribute to the generation-defining album Nirvana released 20 years ago today, on September 24, 1991. To commemorate the occasion, we asked local musicians to cover each of the 13 songs on the original release.

Intended as a tribute to Nirvana’s pièce de résistance, Nevermind Miami is also a testament to the local music scene, both its vibrancy and its generosity. All of the bands/musicians we asked to take part responded with a hearty “hell yes” and crafted their covers with intense sincerity and prodigious badassmanship. Thank you to all of them for making this series — which you can stream in its entirety at — an enduring work in its own right, and keeping the ghost of Kurt Cobain off our backs.

First up we have Lil Daggers yanking “In Bloom” out of the studio and dragging it by a fraying rope through the swamp. Proceeding at a chain-gang pace, the eerie rendition starts with a crackling crack of distortion and ends in a house (a hideout perhaps) on the bayou. To get more Lil Daggers in your shamelessly sunny life, check out their self-titled LP, released in April, on bandcamp.

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Podcast #4: An interview with Arboles Libres

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From right to left, Anthony Genovese, Juan Londono, and Eddie Moreno of Arboles Libres.

After our on-the-fly filming of “In Search of Waldo Pepper” to meet the Borscht Film Festival submission deadline, we decided to also leave the confines of the studio for this week’s podcast. On Wednesday night, we interviewed Eddie “Spaghetti” Moreno, Juan “Nacho” Londono, and Anthony “Probably has a food-related nickname but I don’t know it” Genovese of Arboles Libres outside of Sweat Records before the band’s second-anniversary show. We also recorded a song from their approximately 30-minute set to rock us out of the podcast and into the weekend.

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Arboles Libres Unroot Crowd at Churchill’s

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Juan “Nacho” Londono

Miami band Arboles Libres at Churchill's Pub

At Churchill’s last night, Arboles Libres did me two good turns. First guitarist Eddie Moreno tracked me down to give me my phone, which I’d left on the bar out back and didn’t even know I was missing. Then, Moreno and his two band mates — guitarist/vocalist/harmonica player Juan “Nacho” Londono and drummer Anthony Genovese — roused the folk rocker who slumbers in my soul with their brand of sincere, crescendoing, simple music.

Like another great rock trio, the Violent Femmes, Arboles Libres combine the raw energy of rock-n-roll with the sonic clarity of a jazz combo. Their music passes freely from slow and soothing to jumpy to raucous as their lyrics flow from Spanish to English and back again. Within a song or two of their roughly 30-minute set last night, they had breathed oxygen into the small crowd (as arboles, or trees, are wont to do) and moved two chicks, drunk on alcohol and tight tunes, to dance on the stage. (It resembled dancing.) Playing between Jesse Jackson and Rachel Goodrich, Arboles Libres injected several doses of adrenaline into the lineup of top-notch Miami talent and more than held their own. Here are some photos from their set and a video of Arboles Libres — one of the few gems on the Miami Music Festival roster — playing “Comienzos.”

Juan “Nacho” Londono
Arboles Libres singer Juan “Nacho” Londono, with dancers at his back

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