Bananas at Art Basel Miami Beach

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When Beached Miami ace reporter Robby Campbell heard there was an extravaganza at Miami Beach Convention Center last weekend, he couldn’t believe Exxxotica was already back in town. Needless to say, he rushed over — only to find another vulgar spectacle underway. Here’s his report from Art Basel Miami Beach, featuring an interview with time travelers EVA & ADELE.

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Art Basel Photo Roundup

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It seems perfunctory to say “Thank God — It’s over.” But after a week of non-stop art intake, fair hopscotch, traffic and parking headaches, thrill-numbing celebrity sightings (James Murphy has almost certainly cloned himself several times over), reality-bending EVA & ADELE sightings, upstream crowd swimming, sponsored DJ sets, impatient open bar queues, and hearing the word “Diddy”, one can’t help but feel a measure of gratitude for the transience of Art Basel Miami Beach and all its attendant hoopla. Which isn’t to say we won’t miss it a few days from now. In fact, ABMB withdrawal may already be setting in, as I woke up this morning with an unprecedented craving for caviar-and-créme-fraiche-crowned blinis. In any case, here are some of our favorite photos taking around town during the baffling Basel behemoth.

Wynwood Online Angel (small)

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Ping Pong at NADA Art Fair

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A yearly contemporary art fair for emerging galleries located, since 2009, at the Deauville Beach Resort, NADA sits casually between Art Basel Miami Beach, with its crème de la crème exhibitors, and the relatively small Wynwood mavericks, Seven and Fountain. The mood in the Deauville’s elegant ballrooms is calm, but that doesn’t mean NADA is a lax affair. The dealers, many of them in their 20s or early 30s, are ready to deal and often wired in to their laptops (invariably Macs) with a look of utter absorption.

NADA was one of my favorite fairs last year, and, while I didn’t enjoy it as much this time around, it was certainly worth the visit. One booth in particular that struck my fancy was the Cumulus Studios space in the back of the Richelieu Ballroom, which featured a black ping pong table (materials: aluminum, rubber, paint) by Tom Burr of New Haven, Conn.

"Bouncing Balls" by Tom Burr
As you can see, the ping pong table is functional, which, at $150,000, it better be. (Also pictured: powdered-coated, stainless-steel bench by Miami artist Jim Drain.)

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Snitzer, Bas on the golden road at ABMB

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Miami artist Hernan Bas’s 17-foot x 8-foot painting, “The Road Ahead Is … Golden … Silver … Bronze” is gorgeous and g’damn pricey. When we stopped by his Art Basel Miami Beach booth on Wednesday, Fredric Snitzer, one of only three local gallerists with space at ABMB, told us the painting was going for $350,000 and had already attracted much interest from potential buyers. As we only had $315,000 on us at the moment, we had to let the painting go. Before we left (to track down a $17,000 glass of Kate-Moss-air-kissed champagne), we asked Snitzer a few questions about the painting.

You can see a still of Bas’s painting after the jump.

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Art Basel Miami Beach Snapshots

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With obscenely expensive work and insanely beautiful women on display in equal measure, Art Basel Miami Beach is an international confluence of art, sex, and money nonpareil. This photo, taken by Robby Campbell and featuring artist John Miller’s signature gilt clusters, seems to capture that interplay perfectly.

Lilly Gilt

And for those of you looking for the Wizard of AB, we found him.

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Pool Art Fair Shut Down

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Self-described as “the premier fair in the U.S. dedicated to unrepresented artists,” PooL Art Fair was supposed to open to the public on Friday afternoon for a three-day run at the Sadigo Court Hotel, which is in South Beach not far from Art Basel Miami Beach. Instead, according to Heidi Miller, studio director for Sheila Elias, a Miami-based artist slated to show her work in the fair, Miami Beach Police showed up at about 4:45 p.m. and, after taking photos, shut the fair down, saying the hotel had to be evacuated.

“It was disappointing because it was right when we were supposed to have our opening and party,” Miller said. “We had handed out hundreds of invitations. “

There were approximately 100 visitors at the fair at the time, according to Miller, who says the fair’s organizer, Theirry Alet, told her it was being shut down due to a lack of a permit. Organized by Frère Independent, a not-for-profit organization whose stated mission is “to provide widespread visibility to artists”, PooL has been operating in Miami Beach for seven years.

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Few people create more of a stir when they enter the room than EVA & ADELE. You may not know them by name, but to see them is to have the image emblazoned on your memory forever. They are a fixture of art happenings around the world, including Art Basel Miami Beach, where I first spotted them in person last year. Starkly bald, both feminine, masculine, and neither, dressed identically and in high fashion, smiling, they managed to become the center of attention in a corridor lined with Picassos, Warhols, and other legends.

They were an incredible sight — a vision, really, somewhat disturbing — but for whatever reason I never got around to looking them up. But after I saw them again, at the Convention Center on Wednesday and at the Rubell house for a yogurt breakfast on Thursday, I got curious. Before I go further, here they are at the ABMB vernissage on Wednesday.

From left to right: Adele and Eva, more commonly referred to as EVA & ADELE

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Photos: Special Disco Version, Black Lips at Grand Central

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With YACHT at Electric Pickle, Neon Indian at Bardot, and Special Disco Version (the DJ project of LCD Soundsystem members James Murphy and Pat Mahoney) and Black Lips at Grand Central, Thursday night presented the music fiend with a dilemma. (See the Art Basel Music Guide — tonight is barely easier.) After letting a dart toss decide it, we ended up at Grand Central, where there was a wrap-around line of people who were probably hoping Nancy Whang would show up and SDV would transform into almost LCD. (Whang is in town for a DJ set at Bardot Saturday night. Again, see the Art Basel Music Guide.) That didn’t happen, but it was still a fun show. Here are our favorite 10 photos from the night. To see many more, head over to the Beached Miami Facebook page.

James Murphy at Grand Central Miami

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Artist Sarah Trouche at Fountain Art Fair

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Sarah Trouche

Parisian artist Sarah Trouche is one of 28 exhibitors at the 2011 Fountain Art Fair.

Housed in a Wynwood warehouse on Miami Avenue, Fountain Art Fair prides itself on its DIY ethos and “not your grandfather’s art fair” atmosphere. When I stopped by earlier today, there was a team of tank-topped guys and gals working to get a giant pink bunny balloon aloft in the patchy field where the fair will present Fab 5 Freddy and other performers on Friday night. The piece is by New York artist Ryan Cronin, one of the 28 exhibitors at Fountain this year.

One of the cool things about Fountain is that, unlike ABMB itself and most of the other satellite fairs, many of its exhibition spaces are manned by artists, not dealers. So while all the pieces are for sale (at far cheaper prices than at the other satellites), there is a fundamentally different vibe, which is to say, it doesn’t feel like a supermarket with art for sale. This makes for a more enjoyable experience if you are not looking to buy art but simply experience it.

One of the exhibitors who caught my attention during my walkthrough this afternoon was Sarah Trouche, and not only because she appeared nude in most of her work. In her video “Action for Great Wall”, the young Parisian descends from the heights of the Great Wall of China, nude, her body painted red, holding a flare. Trouche told me the piece is a response to the indignant reaction of the Chinese when French protesters, in the lead up to the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, forced Chinese officials to extinguish the Olympic torch. You can watch the video after the jump.

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Recap: Soulwax at the Raleigh

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Soulwax, led by the Belgian brothers Dewaele, played the MOCA LA-Deitch Projects party Wednesday night.

Last year, the invitation-only, joint Art Basel Miami Beach kickoff party thrown by MOCA LA and Deitch Projects was possibly the most buzzed-about party for the Venn diagram overlap of cool kids from the art and music worlds. The occasion, then, was a private set by LCD Soundsystem, then already rumored to be on its way out as a regularly touring band. Though the Raleigh’s sandy back pool area was set with round banquet-style tables, soon the crowd crammed between them and resourceful crashers snuck in from the beach by the dozen.

Last night’s edition of the same fete, again at the Raleigh, was nowhere near as frantic. The messier door situations were next door at the Shelborne, where a sceney Susanne Bartsch-produced party for local photographer Seth Browarnik blared high-NRG from the pool. This time around, revelers could enter the Raleigh with little-to-no wait, with plenty of elbow room inside — but still enough of a crowd to keep the atmosphere warmed up. (The free Grey Goose helped on that front, too.)

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