Art Deco Weekend Photo Puzzle

By | January 15th, 2011 | 2 Comments

Earlier today I swung by the Art Deco Weekend street fair between 5th and 15th on Ocean Drive. The vendors pedaled much schlock — “bottle art”, Britto rip-offs (!), glossy photographs of cresting waves — and the only thing Art Deco about the fair were the hotels lining the west side of the street. Which is to say, the Art Deco fair hasn’t changed much since my mother first dragged me there as a bratty young’n years ago. Still sequined weirdos lunging around on stilts, still jugglers incorporating frightened children into their routines, still speed portraitists splattering the canvas for change. The one below is Tim Decker, a gentleman from the Clearwater county seat. He painted this celebrity portrait in about six minutes. See how many slides it takes you to figure out who he’s painting.

Tim Decker1

Tim Decker2

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