Photos: Sketchy Halloween Party at Awarehouse

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I’ve got to hand it to Miami people. They won’t show up to vote on a cloudless morning, but hours of endless rain won’t stop them from leaving the house dressed up as, say, a pair of Devilled eggs (or simply a pair of devils) to get down after dark on Halloween weekend. Which is to say, despite the fact that it rained cats and Cujos Saturday night, the Sketchy Halloween Party at Awarehouse drew ghouls, goblins, Mad Hatters, Miss Piggies, and bloodied nurses from all over Miami. Kudos to everyone who came out to terrorize the night in full Halloween regalia. You made the party a wonderful horror.

Sketchy Halloween Party Photo (1)

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Boo! Sketchy Halloween Party at Awarehouse

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Live art. Live music. Booze. Food. Blood. All shall be in gruesome abundance at the Sketchy Halloween Party at Awarehouse in Wynwood on Saturday, October 29. Featured artists include Olivier Casse, Jason Snyder, Jeiddy Lopez, Daniel Ortiz, Russ Ronat, and Brian Butler (the monstrous mind behind the flyer below). Miami music makers Arboles Libres, The State Of, and organicArma will take the stage. Come in costume. Leave with candy. More details to be announced soon. For now, you can RSVP on the Beached Miami Facebook page.

Sketchy Halloween Party Flyer by Brian Butler

Here are the featured artists’ various web domiciles. Expect this list to grow to about 10 artists by showtime.

Brian Butler: Upper Hand Art, Sketchy Miami artist page
Olivier Casse: BAC artist page, Sketchy Miami artist page
Jeiddy Lopez: Heydee’s Art, Sketchy Miami artist page
Daniel Ortiz: Sketchy Miami artist page
Russ Ronat: Sketchy Miami artist page
Jason Snyder:, Sketchy Miami artist page

For a high-res version of the Sketchy Halloween Party flyer, click HERE.

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Top Ten Miami Blog Posts (10/31 – 11/6)

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Here are my ten favorite posts in the Miami blogosphere last week. I tried to read them all, but I’m sure I missed a few and maybe some good ones. If you think I’ve left a worthy entry out of the list, link to it in a comment. I plan to do a Top Ten Miami Blog Posts list every Sunday, so please contact me if you come across a must-read.

1. In a momentous week in American politics, Miami bloggers rose to the occasion with several great election-centric pieces. The Reid Report’s Nov. 6 “Alex Sink: Meet The Mirror” takes top honors for its incisive look at why and how Florida Democrats suffered near total annihilation on election day. (Eye On Miami also offered solid post-election analysis, and SFDB deserves kudos for hosting an interactive forum on election night. Transit Miami offered a bleak assessment of green transportation policy under Governor Rick Scott.)

2. Commendably, Night Drive Miami got threatening in compelling its readers to buy tickets for the Javelin show at Awarehouse this Saturday. “I wouldn’t miss this if I were you!!!! AND I’ll say this again for all of those who don’t know anything about JAVELIN…. don’t kick yourself in the ass when you hear the band’s music 1 week after the show.”

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