New Waves: “Maraschino” by Holly Hunt

By | October 3rd, 2011 | No Comments

On Monday Holly Hunt, the experimental sludge duo of Beatriz Monteavaro and Gavin Perry, released an oscillating, metallic mantra called “Maraschino”. On the severe but soothingly repetitious track, Monteavaro, formerly the drummer for Beings, Floor, and Cavity, compliments Perry’s droning guitar chords with simple thuds, splashes, and bouncing fills to create a meditative rhythmic cycle. The release follows two other evocative HH instrumentals: “Carrie Fisher”, an abrasive, 10-minute trance released on a split cassette with Viking Funeral, and “Lunar Module”. You can stream all three compositions on Holly Hunt’s bandcamp page and/or command their performance when Monteavaro and Perry play the Snooze Theatre (featured in our ongoing Miami DIY series) with Slashpine, Hull, The Fucking Wrath, and The House of Lightning on Oct. 28. Show admission is five bucks. RSVP on Facebook. Until then, let the noise wash over you.

FYI: Maraschino is “a strong, sweet liqueur made from a variety of small bitter cherries,” according to a dictionary.

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