40 Things You’ll Only See in Florida

By | July 20th, 2011 | No Comments

Via BuzzFeed, this list could have been honed down to a solid, side-splitting 20. The pics of the abandoned walker and the parked Rascal, for example, could have been a diptych, and none of the other “Florida is a hotbed of Christian zealotry” photos manage to top #8, a mobile shrine to Jesus and owls in equal measure. Still, it offers a hilarious and disconcerting snapshot of the Sunshine State as a hyper-religious Land of Oddities speeding toward chaos and ice cream burgers (you’ll see) on 26-inch rims — a snapshot we know in our hearts isn’t entirely misleading. Click the image below (my favorite of the batch) to view the whole list, including a shot of raggedy Santa riding through South Beach on a trike and a lizard eating a Cheeto.

Image from BuzzFeed '40 things you'll only see in Florida" list