New Waves: “Gold Chain” by Love Handles

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'Handled' Cover Art

New Love Handles EP: Handled

Arriving five months later than expected, the West Palm duo Love Handles’ first proper release, in all its purple majesty, is finally ready for the needle. Comprising Jordan Pettingill (keys, drums) and C.J. Jankow (vocals, guitar), both members of Cop City/Chill Pillars and co-operators of the Snooze Theater (featured in the Miami DIY series), Love Handles blurry brand of radical psych rock isn’t just an abstraction of chaotic noise, but a willed natural progression of hierarchical rock and roll that begins with proper folk rock melodies, is layered by early blues rock ballast, and, finally, funneled through the experimental electric concoctions of Helios Creed’s Chrome.

Pettingill and Jankow committed 12 resounding minutes of spastic pop rock to vinyl for Handled

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